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Considering Competing

I’m new to the site and looking a bit of advice. I’m a 5’8 female, 22yo and weigh 74 kg (I was previously 88kg!)

I’m naturally quite thickly set, I have never taken any type of enhancer etc but seem to put muscle on relatively well.

I have a notion I would like to diet right down and see what I would like like with a bit of condition.

I currently weight train 4times a week, always hit my 10k steps and do 5/6 30 min full incline walk at 6kph with a 20kg vest a week.

I don’t know where to start with diet - I’m stuck in that eating to little during the week and too much at weekends (I don’t drink) would anyone have any advice on where to start or if I popped up a couple of photos, could advise on what I need to lose/ any potential etc?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Considering the nature of your inquiry, the lack of direction (I don’t mean that in a bad way), snd your Lose fat and possibly compete, I suggest mapping out a diet with calorie and macronutrients counting. Otherwise you’ll likely wind up spinning your wheels and not getting to a point at which you can confidently think of picking a contest date that prep for.

You don’t need to lose any fat in particular, just lean out overall.

You need to educate yourself and write out a plan yourself and see what happens and adjust it or hire a diet coach. I’m actually a dietitian and have competed. Let me know if you need help.

You can see my personal “leaning out” thread.

Hey…thanks for the info. There is no denying im feeling a bit lost! So many different people saying different things and my head was totally gone!

I’m not in any rush to compete - I would just like to lean out so I can make an accurate comparison to other competitors!

I’d love a chat with you re diet etc if that would suit you?



I’m sure a closer look at your nutrition and how it synches up (supports) your training would probably reveal a whole host of options you might not have considered. Brad (Brick) is an RD, as well as a pretty darn good (turned pro in his first contest!) bodybuilder himself, certainly someone to listen to IMO.


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Go to my Leaning Out/Prep thread. From there you can figure out how to contact me on the web.