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Considering Buying Online


does anybody know any legit site to buy from? i know its risky asking in forums but i heard ----------------------- is a reliable place to buy from. anybody used them before?


you are about to get tore a new asshole for posting a source.

Have a nice day.


Oh Holly crap, that's your first post on this site???

Man you are either one dumbass person that has never read anything under the steroids section OR you're a troll. Either way if people will even respond to your post it's going to be an angry response.


If you need online people to tell you where to buy, you are not ready for gear.


You have to know drug dealers to use steroids?


??????????????? huh?


This is a good place to look:



Here we go again. Go to mesomorphosis.com and buy the book Anabolics 07' . Thats a good start.