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Considering AAS for the First Time

I am considering my first cycle and still don’t have quite enough knowledge yet. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on. I am more interested in gaining strength than anything else. What helped those of you who have cycled decide that it was the right time? I don’t know if it’s needed to answer this but my stats are below.

My stats are 27 yo 5’9" at 225lbs, if I had to guess probably around 15-16% bf. Bench 325, Squat 385 (i know kind of low compared to my bench but I had knee surgery years back and i have never got the mental game back for squats, recently i have been getting more comfortable because i have a spot), Deads 435, Military 185x6. I have been lifting of and on for 12 years. Didn’t lift 05-dec 08 because i was boxing and my trainer wouldn’t let me because of weight, but did plyos, and normal calisthenics.


When to use is a personal choice. Since you don’t seem to be in a rush to start, why not just research some more and wait until your progress stalls/slows down, then start. (If of course, you decide to use.)

As for a first cycle, an 8 week test cycle with proper ancillaries and PCT is a good choice. If you want to boost strength a little more, throw in some dbol. You will, however, increase strength on a test only cycle.

Just like opinions and assholes, everyone has a story regarding what was the turning point in which they decided to use AAS. For a first time I around I second, RR. K.I.S.S and you’ll be fine. 750mg/week of test enanthate for 8-10 weeks will do wonders to a man. Keep on researching the subject, come here with educated questions and you’ll be given the advice and wisdom you need.

Thanks for the replies. Definitely not in a hurry. I have hit a wall recently and there is no one in my gym or my circle of friends that can help me. I’m stronger than pretty much everyone in my gym (small gym). There is one guy that benches 20lbs more than i do but he has a script for Test cyp from his doc so i don’t think he knows any more about lifting than I do.

However I have only been back lifting for about a year and I know that is not enough time to decide that the only way I’ll get bigger/stronger is AAS. And I don’t want to be the guy with a horrendous cycle already under way on here asking for advice. I have learned more the last 6 months on this site about aas than i have the last 12 years all together.

If you’ve hit a wall, I’d take a good look at your training or diet. Have you switched up your training program lately?

yeah i came off the WSFSB about 2 months ago because my training partner was getting burnt out on it. I tried the techniques that i read in “The Perfect Rep” the last two weeks and did notice some improvement. I went up 5lbs on bench for 3 reps tonight and it was much easier than last week even with the extra weight. My goal was to bench 4 and squat 5 before i started my first cycle. Diet is pretty good , even though I could take in more protein. I really don’t eat a lot of sweets or fats. I consume between 3500 and 5000 cals every day. Usually close to 5000 on my 4 work out days. my diet is hard to be perfect on because of kids, work, school (kids and me), the same as a lot of other guys on here. That is another reason i’m not in a big hurry.

It sounds like you’ve got your stuff together. Perhaps try adding in that extra protein and some more fats to your diet for 4-6 weeks. Perfect solution: one extra protein shake and a shot of olive oil. You may just need the extra calories.

What does your para workout nutrition look like? Many people, myself included, have had excellent results with that. Another option would be add a double dose of Surge to your workouts… extra calories, perfect nutrient timing.

It does sound like you’ve got quite a bit on your plate, though. Maybe wait until summer when you can eliminate school from your schedule? Gives you more time to research, too.

Just some food for thought.

Thanks rrjc, i’ll try that and see what happens. I know that my para workout nutrition needs some attention, okay a lot of attention. I haven’t tried any Biotest sups, i don’t really take many sups, just 5-10 grams Creatine and 5-10 grams of glutamine post workout and a protein shake once a day. Oh, and I just started taking fish oil caps a couple of weeks ago.

I hear guys talk at my gym about superpump and stuff like that, but as much as some of that stuff costs i want to know its gonna work. I’m kinda skeptical, lol. Also, I just had finals about a week and a half ago, the build up of that may have had something to do with my stall. I didn’t really feel stressed but who knows.

Any way thanks for the posts and the advise. I will definitely try it and i will go ahead and try Surge as well.

Me personally, I wish I would have waited a little bit longer when I first cycled. I was just turning 25, and still could have gained some more muscle naturally with a strict diet. Alas, nothing is perfect…

Anyways, it sounds like you are really thinking this out, and putting in the proper time and preperation. Kudos to you. I like the idea of waiting til late spring to get started, so you have more free time.

I have heard good things about Superpump, but at the end of the day, creatine, glutamine, BCAA’s, fish oils and protein are about all the things you need. The androgens are the icing on the cake… :wink:

Come up with a good cycle and we will critique it and give you some good advice. Cheers!

Is superpump the VPX product? If so, I tried it, and it made me feel like death everyday I took it. It did terrible things to my stomach.

it’s made by gaspari, but from everything I’ve read, Surge does the same things but has a much more reliable fan base than the guys telling me about superpump. Surge is also probably more affordable.