Considering A Short Cycle

OK this is training and supplement plan I am considering for a short cycle that fits in a 6 week training plan. The training plan is the MAG-10 ? Growth Surge project. I did this plan several years ago with MAG-10 and it worked great.

?Goal 8-10 lbs lean mass, with minimal fat accumulation.
?Massive eating plan 5100 cals.
?My thoughts on adding the T3 is to aid metabolism for the high calories.

Day 1-17
Prop 150 MG ED
Tren A 50 MG ED
Tren E 500 MG (Frontloaded on day 1)
Aromasin 12.5 MG ED
T3 50 MCG ED

Day 20-36
Clomid 100 MG Day 20-25
Clomid 50 MG day 26-36
Nolva 40 MG Day 20-25
Nolva 20 MG day 26-36

I have HCG but don?t think it will be necessary with this short of a cycle. Hopefully any shut down would be minor after 2 weeks. Any criticism or suggestions would be appreciated.

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