Considering a Job in High Crime Neighborhood

Has anyone here ever worked in a high crime neighborhood? I’m considering it. They are looking for teachers to help teach art to children and youth 3 days a week in a time period that fits my schedule…

My friends are concerned not only about me but about even about my car, which is an honest concern. One person actually told me they’d rather me teach at the Federal Penitentiary than in this particular neighborhood. It was ranked one of the 25 worst neighborhoods. Pine Hills, FL

On the one hand I’d like to teach those kids and think it could be a lot of fun. On the other hand I’d rather not get my car jacked or stabbed. From what I understand most of the crime is drug related and not usually civilians but it does happen as well…

Well, what time would you be getting there, and leaving matters a lot. What kind of car do you drive?

Also, it is florida, get a CCP if you are that nervous.

I don’t understand the “Florida, get a CCP if you are that nervous,” comment. What is a CCP?

Hours are from 3:00pm-7:30pm

A CCP is a concealed carry permit, and Florida is a shall issue state, so you can defend yourself if someone were to try to stab you.

Wait…there are LOW crime areas??

[quote]Professor X wrote:
Wait…there are LOW crime areas??[/quote]

Yeah. Utopia, Michigan. Just west of Detroit.

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:

[quote]Professor X wrote:
Wait…there are LOW crime areas??[/quote]

Yeah. Utopia, Michigan. Just west of Detroit.[/quote]

Now that you mention it, HeavenOnEarth, Texas is pretty nice this time of year.

The entire country is “high crime”. I personally have a hard time understanding how some people think if they really live day to day thinking they are safer simply because of where they live.

Hint: Even if you live in fucking Mayberry, leaving your front door unlocked in 2010 while you bake apple pies that you sit on your open window sill to cool may not be the best idea.

[quote]Professor X wrote:
Wait…there are LOW crime areas??[/quote]

Yeah, I live in one. Oh wait, there was that couple that got murdered in 1980! Boy, I’m sooo scared to go out by myself.

If it’s not that important don’t bother. If it is that important to teach these kids for whatever reason, MAN UP AND HAVE FAITH IN YOUR ACTIONS.

I lived and went to college in inner city dublin, its improved since but back then it was bad, (heroin junkies and bosnian war vets/refugees make bad bad neighbours) and plenty of stuff happened espec in my 1st year there but not much happened during the day. some stuff happened to me friends/regular people and some was gangster stuff. its easy to let news reports scare you but thats half their intention in order to get your attention. maybe its different over there but get in and get out, dont stand out, and not dressing flash should reduce much happeneing to you. in the couple of minutes it takes to leave work is there that much of a chance of getting robbed? has anyone else in the school? if its just drive bys and gang stuff then you wont be around enough for it to be a realistic risk.

bottom line-ignore media induced paranoia and ignore your friends unless theyve worked there, be realistic on the chances of shit happenenin and decide if you have the balls for it