Considering a First Cycle

Hey folks, as the title suggests I’m looking at a first cycle. I’ve trained naturally for 7 years, I’m now 32 years old, 5’11 190lbs at about 14% body fat ( starting cut for summer next week)

If I do decide to take the plunge, and go for that first cycle, it will be towards the end of September this year. So I joined to try and soak in as much information as I possibly can, so I can decide on what maybe best for me. There seems to be alot of miss information and bro talk on some forums, makes it hard to know what to believe on the pharma side of things.

I’ll be going through alot of forum posts to learn all I can about cycle/pct etc but if you have any useful information for a pharma noob, it of course will be much appreciated!

There’s a lot of information on here about first cycles already. If you google it, you’ll find them - here’s a good one:

Read like a mofo, but the long and short of it is don’t go crazy. Get blood tests before, start with Test E or C at 500 mg per week, take an AI, use HCG if having kids or nut size is important to you, have your PCT planned in advance, get blood tests after four weeks, have everything on hand before starting, and know the consequences of fucking it up.

Plan your work, work your plan.

Having everything on hand includes the right syringes, the right needles, enough Test for the cycle, an AI, HCG (if you want it), PCT drugs, and how you are going to get blood testing done.

Figure it’s going to take you at least six months to get all of the knowledge and material together, if you decide to do it. A year would be better.

And, ask yourself the why. Why are you going to do it? Is it just aesthetics? Is it to compete? Is it worth the risk for the benefit.

Good luck.

Thank you for your reply myth, much appreciated sir. I’ve been lurking over various forum posts and sites trying to take it all in. Abit of a mine field, mind you mostly due to kids or inexperianced lifters asking ridiculous questions!

I’ll certainly be keeping things as simple as possible if I go for the first cycle, will just be test e 250 twice a week for 12 weeks, followed by pct. I’ve read up on AI that seems straight forward. nolvadex seems to be the weapon of choice for pct on test cycles. Hcg is next on the list for me to read up on in depth, can’t imagine the Mrs being to happy if the boys start disappearing!

Oh and obviously bloods before hand for a baseline, then around 4 weeks in so i can adjust my AI accordingly. Then again after the cycle to see how my body is recovering.

Definitely a good thing to do, another option to be totally safe is to freeze sperm first.


I found 500 to be an arbitrary number, dont be married to it, you can start with less and see great results. Even if you get 80% of the results as you would with 500mg with 400mg and its with only 10% the sides then its worth it.
**Get everything you need before hand ** like was stated its super important because maybe big joe at the gym that promised you ur pct might not pull through and you started already.
probably tell your wife before also?
Read everything and keep it simple

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