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Considering 1st Cycle but I'm on High BP Meds

Hi there,

I’ll start with a little about myself first.

I’m 32, 6ft 2 and 14st 4 and lean. Have been lifting for 4 years, the last lockdown year I’ve been more serious with diet. Tracking my macros, eating clean with one cheat meal a week. 3500 calories, 200g protein. I’ve made some good progress from where I started and am just about considering a 1st cycle.

I’ve seen the 500mg/wk with proper PCT and that’s where I would look to start, but…

The main concern for me is that when I was 29 I was put on high BP meds. Namely Lisinopril 10mg ED. My Doctor said “it’s just one of those things” so I don’t know what that means exactly lol. I’ve never been fat, and I play sport twice a week since I was about 6, have an active job, and train 4 times a week around my shift pattern.
Since then my BP has been fine, I have 6 monthly check ups and bloods taken at my GPs.

To the people with experience of these things please can you say if it would be OK for me to do a Test E only cycle? Or is it just a straight no with the meds I’m on for high BP?

Any advice would be brilliant, is there a different cycle if that would suit better? Change dosage? Avoid altogether? Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks

First and foremost I am not a doctor.

With that said, If you have sodium related hypertension, increasing potassium to about 4700mg/day should help with your issue.

I wouldn’t touch AAS until you get your BP under control without the use of medication. There are already enough risks with heart issues you are bringing about using AAS that you do not want to create more problems.

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Oh snap!! Bringing in the heavy hitters!!!


From what my GP said, I’ll be on them for life unfortunately :man_shrugging:t2:

Obviously I don’t know you, your medical conditions, or medical history, but doctors say all kinds of stuff to err on the side of caution. If I were you I would be doing my own research on whatever is going on and see if there is any way in which you could taper down your meds or come off altogether.

I have exercise induced asthma and I am not supposed to push my body too hard because it causes asthma attacks. But I can mitigate my issues through diet and sleep, both of which I am maximizing to try to minimize the effects from my asthma, and when the asthma hits, I just hit the inhaler and know when to back off in my training to help mitigate asthma. I would consider myself a mid-high level amateur strongman competitor, so I am not easy on my body.

I know not an apples to apples comparison, but if I listened to my doctors I wouldn’t lift or exercise at all.

Do you know why you have high blood pressure? Like what the underlying cause is? If you cannot answer that question, you need to do a lot ore research. No one will advocate for you and your health better than you will advocate for yourself.

Thank you for the reply and I do get where you’re coming from.

I have no other conditions and am on no other medication and haven’t had a BP related issue since going on the Lisinopril.

The doctors explanation was that “it’s just one of those things” he didn’t suggest anything to improve it or anything and put me straight on the pills. I will make an appointment to see him and see what can be done.

I don’t have much confidence in my GP to be honest, he prescribed me Naproxen when I did my back a couple years ago. Which I later found out is a big no no when I saw another doctor, as its main side effect is to increase BP.

Not sure how much longer I would be with this GP.

I cannot say for sure, but I have always been under the impression that doctors get kckbacks for prescribing certain meds. Some people might say it is illegal, and it probably is, but the law doesn’t stop anyone from intentionally committing crimes if they believe the risk is worth the reward


What was your blood pressure when you were told to go on Lisinopril?
My guess is you have hypertension. The top number was too high.
What is it now that you have been taking 10mg ED?

I am no fan of Lisinopril.
It will naturally raise your potassium sometimes too much.
It also will interact negatively with protein something you are taking goobs of.
Lisinopril is an ACE inhibitors. An alpha blocker will not only drop your pressure but aid you in becoming more vascular. Great side effect.

Look into Doxazosin for BP. Get a good quality blood pressure cuff and start with 2mg post breakfast. Check your pressure at bed time to determine if you need a second 2mg.

Also I am no doctor this is just what I do and it works great. HTH

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Idk. Do something smart


Here’s an old post of mine extrapolating upon numerous mechanisms by which AAS can induce problems down the line. Don’t want to write all of the aforementioned info down again.

Depends why OP has hypertension. Plenty of genetic loci linked to primary hypertension have been identified. AAS use will compound risk factors and potentially lead to a significantly higher risk of encountering a roadblock down the line if untreated AAS mediated hypertension follows OP around

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Let me summarize from @unreal24278 “Technical stuff, technical stuff, technical stuff… Don’t do steroids with diagnosed hypertension”


Genetically mediated chronic hypertension in particular that is.

If you had hypertension associated with an acute viral infection it wouldn’t be the same thing as genetic predisposition.

I suppose it also depends on how long OP has had hypertension for, how much damage has it already imposed? Can he keep it under control? What are his inflammatory markers like? The state of his endothelium? Familial history of heart disease/stroke in conjunction with hypertension?

Haha this is what I was expecting tbh. And it does make sense to me hence why I wanted some advice before I do myself some damage.

I appreciate all the advice given and will take it on board, see my doctor and see what I can do towards getting off the pills.

It was hypertension I was diagnosed with, but it was that long ago I can’t remember the numbers. It was high though as I went to the doctor with headaches and and one occasion blury vision after sport.

I may look to change my GP, to someone I feel I can relate to. He’s about 70 and there’s a slight language barrier.
Is it worth me explaining to my GP what I want to do in the future? Obviously he wouldn’t advocate steroid use but would he have to advise me on best practice etc? I’ve only ever been for hypertension so don’t really know what advice they give/don’t give.


No one that plays in the pharma hobby should be without one of these. Using it at least twice a day while on gear.
FB had this model on sale last week for 49 bucks. I picked one up for my gym bag.


i have a coronary heart disease and had a heart attack, and also a clinical death 10 years ago… im also on shitton of drugs for that, but i find that it actually helps with all the steroid sides - you cholesterol is always in check, you BP is always good no matter the amount of tren, etc… sure doing all these meds AND steroids probably shaves off some 10 years of our life, but i dont think i would give away my epic 20s and 30s just to be alive from 70-80… Steroids are always a personal choice, just like having kids - there are good stuff and bad stuff that comes with it. If its your life - do it. If you just want to cycle on and off, never getting anywhere, or to be in shape for 2 years of your life - dont do it.

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