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Considering 11-T, Your Experience?


Is anyone using this stuff any more? What's the verdict from user's experience? I haven't heard a lot about it in a long time, in fact, the Product Info link is gone from the store page. I didn't try it when it was first released, but am considering it. Problem is, I'm not finding a lot of specific feedback on it's effectiveness, or many current posts on it. Previous/current users?


I've been a fan from the beginning, only used it for bulking at first.

I've been using it the past week while cutting, and I'm getting more definition in my upper abs than anywhere else, I'll be re-evaluating my #s next monday, so I can update you then.


The answer i got was that the info was being moved and would be back up soon, that was however a long long time ago.

If i had to make a prediction i'm guessing 11-T will become another supp that myseteriously fades into obscurity and then disappears

Cant comment on its effectiveness but since its release there has been very little discussion by either the staff or the forum members, there were a couple of reports of success, but very little info.


I'm fairly certain this is due to a conscious decision to have this product keep a low profile in order to keep it off the radar of certain agencies.


That's always been my thinking, too.

No experience as of yet with 11-T, but like the OP, I've been thinking about it lately.


Really? I dunno man....


Yeah, I busted out the 11-T... I think I'm on my 2nd bottle. It's wierd, and I really can't say if it's the 11-T specifically or not, but I've only used it while gaining and during both instances of sustained usage of the thing I gained a half inch on my arms. Granted I was eating a ton and working my ass off too, and I'm skeptical of such things, but that's kinda what happend.

So if you have some extra cash, I think you should give it a try, doesn't Biotest have a money-back gaurantee or something like that?


Thanks for the replies guys! And thanks for the complement MODOK!


The first rule of 11-T is, don't talk about 11-T.


that was my thinking as well


I agree also and believe this is because it works. I used it for a cutting cycle and actually gained a little strength and felt a slight pump 24-7. I like the stuff a lot. But it may be because I'm an old fart with a crappy natural hormonal profile.


I have not posted much on T-Nation, but I am a long time Biotest consumer. I ran 2 cycles of 11-T in Nov/Dec '09 during a cut and then as a sort of damage control measure during the Christmas holiday. The first cycle was the regular twice daily application for two weeks. I then took 2 weeks off and then ran once daily for the month of December.

Until my diet got a bit out of control around the holiday, I was fluctuating between a slight calorie deficit and maintenance. I was able to lose several pounds of body weight, lost 2 inches off my high waist measurement and I gained strength consistently throughout the time period.

I think I am a particularly good responder to 11-T due to my natural problems with cortisol. I will certainly use it again!


Looks like your decision was made for you. I'm not seeing it listed in the store anymore. With the information having been gone on the product for a while, I wonder if it died out due to lack of sales, or if the recent FDA chest thumping caused it to go away.


well damn, a heads up would have been nice. Is it still available? would have bought a few for down the road.

got 1.5 left


No if i could only apply the same foresight to my sports betting.


Wow...I guess that's an easy decision! I'm guessing it was due to product popularity. When they pulled MAG-10 due to legal changes they gave us a HELL of a deal on an announced last buy. Thanks again for everyone's response.


I have no inside information regarding sales or reasons regarding lack of promotion. I can say it is correct we wanted to stay low-profile, regardless that, as 11-T is naturally present in the bloodstream in quite high amounts, it therefore has by far the best justifiability of any current such product, whereas just about all of the current crop of products are not even naturally-occurring and are even, in almost all cases, liver-toxic whereas of course 11-T is not.

However, if sales were poor I'm not surprised.

Androsol was, if it isn't untoward for me to say so, a really great product and was at a very good price.

Of everything I've ever done, Androsol is the one I'm most pleased with on personal feelings of what is aesthetic, what I consider "sweet" for that sort of thing, and so on. MAG-10 was more effective, I'm not saying Androsol was as good in that, but for other reasons Androsol is my favorite thing I've done.

Users loved it.

To say that sales were not 1/10th of what they should have been is an extreme understatement. I fully expect that most crappy "prohormone" products of today sell 100 times the volume that Androsol did.

The spray format just didn't generate sales before and I don't expect did this time either. Not because those actually using the product didn't like it -- users had extremely positive views of Androsol, and while there was much less feedback on 11-T as much less of it was sold, users certainly did seem to like the product -- but it certainly seems that most prospective buyers found that a barrier for them.




Thanks for the reply Bill.

I never used 11-T, but I have used spray pro hormone products before, and I'll be honest, there kind of a pain.

Taking nothing away from effectiveness. I'm sure it was effective. But like a lot of people here, who work/school/family/ other time considerations, sometimes I'm even hard pressed to even cook/prepare food in the morning, nonetheless apply a spray on product.


Not all products are the same in that.

Those containing IPM stay sticky longer.

Androsol was very fast to apply. Less than 60 seconds, and ordinarily there would be things to do taking a couple of minutes in the morning that one could take care of before putting clothes on anyway.

11-T was not quite as fast as Androsol. There never seemed to be feedback that people were bothered by the application time.

I really don't know the thinking of prospective buyers that did not do buy on account of the format. Whether it was just the entire concept, or a subcomponent such as imagining that great labor was involved. Whatever it was, though, it was a sales-killer.