Conservatives Should NOT.....

…Stay Home in November

Very good post by Jim Geraghty on why a decision by the conservative base to stay home (they wouldn’t vote for the Dems in any case) would be cutting off their noses to spite their faces - in a nutshell, it would be counterproductive because solid conservatives represent a majority of the tough, close races in this congressional cycle:

Read the whole thing, but this excerpt is telling:

[i]I have my doubts on both counts. For starters, why would Republicans get the message that ?we need to be more conservative? in a year that conservatives were knocked out?

Who are the Republican lawmakers most angering the conservative base? Well, let?s say Sens. Trent ?I?m tired of hearing about Porkbusters? Lott, Ted ?Bridge to Nowhere? Stevens, John McCain for cosponsoring Kennedy?s immigration bill and campaign finance reform, Arlen Specter for being a pain in the tushie over judges, Chuck Hagel for being the New York Times? favorite Republican senator to criticize Bush, and other minimally-conservative Republicans like Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. Well, they?re not going to lose in 2006. Most of ?em aren?t even up for reelection this year.[/i]