Consequences of Testosterone at 18

Like a 10 week cycle nothing crazy
No judgements. I know the downsides to abusing steroids. But will one cycle really do irreversible damage? What do you think would realistically happen?

Log out and stop reading. Just cut it out and get back to class or whatever. There is plenty of materiel to read here and everywhere online. Forget it. Period. There is no one cycle.


Om ok?

It’s not a matter of damage, exactly, it’s more an issue of “why on earth would you think you need exogenous testosterone at 18?”. You’re in some prime years here and there isn’t any reason you can’t get to your goals with diet and training alone. If you can’t build a lot of muscle at age 18 then either your training is bad or your diet is lousy. Steroids won’t fix either of those.

Will one cycle cause irreversible damage? Possibly. That’s why its not worth it at a young age.

You will grow bitch tits, have bad acne, prolly won’t have boners, balls will be the size of peas… You will gain 20-30lbs but then piss it away because diet & lifting is shit and nobody even experts keeps 100% of gains from cycles… Oh & in the meantime while your dicks as limp as spaghetti your best friends tagging your girl… but don’t worry in 6 months your hormones might regulate and life back to normal…except for the moobs


Well, first off, it’s kind of weird that you started this thread with ‘I know the downsides… but tell me what the consequences could be anyway’. I mean, if you already know all the risks involved, I’m not sure what you’re asking of us.

That being said, I’ll address the subject.

You’re pretty cavalier about this… I can tell you my own experience, and then I’ll talk a little about what other things could happen. I never fully recovered from my first cycle, even though I ran a moderate dose of testosterone-only, and did a proper PCT following the cycle. Within a year of my first cycle, I was on Dr prescribed TRT. So if you’re asking what the most likely negative result of a cycle at your age would be, I would say it is this: the potential to be relying on a needle once a week for the rest of your life, just so that you could try to lift a little more weight for 10 weeks when you were 18. If that’s a risk you’re up for taking, so be it. You’re an adult, you can make that decision. It’s not something I would do, but I’m not you.

Other potential side effects can include difficulty having children later. That’s less likely, but still a very real possibility. I know a few guys that have had that issue, and it was devastating to both them and their wives. That’s not a fun place to be, having to tell a spouse that they can’t have a baby with you because you stuck a needle in your butt.

Short-term, you may experience side effects like high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, estrogen issues (either high or low depending on if you run an AI), and emotional problems. In my opinion, the emotional distress that can hit a person who already might not be particularly emotional stable (this includes most teenagers) is a pretty serious thing to consider.

I’ll leave it at that for now, if you have other, specific questions, you can share them and I’ll be happy to respond directly to those. I think I touched on most of the important stuff.


Very helpful, thanks. And are you saying it is common for natural testosterone to stop after one cycle?

I can tell you put a lot of thought into that. Thanks for the help man!

I murder babies. No judgements. Oh wait, I’m posting on a forum literally asking for judgement. Just not negative judgement. If you knew the downsides you wouldn’t consider it. Hopefully you’ll consider this: you could wreck your body and ruin the 10+ years of natural sick ass achievable gains you have ahead of you in 10 weeks. Don’t be such an 18 year old about this. Go lift some weight.

What are your current stats and physique? Have you exhibited goal oriented behaviour thus far in your young life? Have you ever done anything consistently without fail for 12 weeks straight?

99.9% of 18 year old boys would ha e to answer that question as a “no”. And that’s okay. Taking illegal drugs is a very grown up choice.

If you won’t be dissuaded, please don’t be stupid. It’s kids hurting themselves that gave AAS a bad name in the first place. Read each of the below twice before you pin your first dose:

Underground Steroid Handbook II by Dan Ducchaine
Anabolics by William Llewellyn
Steroid Bible by Steve Gallaway

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There are no statistics available for me to refer to, and the word ‘common’ is rather ambiguous. So here’s what I think, and you can take it for whatever it’s worth.

I think the risk of absolute shutdown of testosterone after one cycle is minimal. Maybe 1 in 10 to 1 in 20. But to me, that’s still a pretty high number. And I would also say that the percentage of people who run 1 cycle and never FULLY recover (meaning their testosterone levels never reach their previous baseline again) are probably more like 95%. I think that for almost everyone, there is long term detriment to the HTPA system. The extent of that damage varies tremendously.

The problem is that there is no real way to predict what will happen with YOU. You could roll the dice, and statistically speaking, you probably won’t be shut down forever. But you might. If it was like a 1 in 10,000 shot at that happening, then maybe the risk would be worth it. I just think that, based on my own risk assessment, I can’t see it making sense for most people.


Just trying to help but in all honesty… Most of us are well into our 30s & 40s that cycle… At 18 just really no need… The risk vs reward just aint there… lift harder eat better… Im 40 and I cycle just so I can have 18yr old juice…but Im grown got kids and all that so my biggest side is some zits & grape nuts


spot on here.

I also waited until I was over 30, and I had a healthy son. That was when I was willing to assume the risks involved. I had also become a competitive athlete, and was looking to improve my athletic performance further than I felt I could otherwise.

There are ABSOLUTELY examples of athletes, most specifically athletes competing in non drug tested sports like strongman, powerlifting, and bodybuilding, who may be able to justify using steroids by the age of 18. An example that comes to mind immediately for me is Aaron Clark, from when he first posted on these boards. The dude looked INCREDIBLE from just running a couple prohormone cycles at 18. He was destined to become an IFBB pro, very clearly. Larry Wheels is a more recent example that I’ve seen. He was a monster at 18, already setting the world on fire, and he started using very early. But these guys are PHENOMS. They are guys who you can fully expect to be competing at the highest levels of their sport by their early to mid 20’s. It is NOT advisable to start using drugs at this age just to look a little better at the beach, or if you’re trying to get a little more cut, or bench 300 lbs or something like that.

Yup… every guy I know that juiced 18-25 was just trying to keep that football scolarship alive…Most of them ran dirt garbage from Mexico got shitty gainz limp dicks and had emotional problems


This. Fanatsric. I didn’t use anything really until after my daughters were born and medical school fellowship were done. During that time I managed to get up to 245 fairly lean on my own and really damn strong. I feel bad for these kids a lot on here because as you said we are all just chasing their levels of hormones now and they want to piss it all away for vanity and narcissism.

A risk that is often not talked about related to AAS usage is the possibility of developing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and left ventricular hypertrophy with impaired systolic and diastolic heart function. Studies on humans have been small and the results have been conflicting as to whether AAS use significantly damages the heart or not. I’m not sure if one or more cycles at a sane dosage (say under or equivilent 500mg of hormones per week) would equate to permanent heart damage or not, @physioLojik is a doctor so he may be able to clarify how long/ how much causes significant heart damage. Studies in rats/rabbits show AAS induce apoptosis in endothelial/heart cells and androgens can directly cause cardiac hypertrophy in vitro and whatnot. AAS may impact cognitive function over long periods of time, a few studies have shown AAS abuse can negatively impact cognitive function in humans and cause long lasting structural changes in the brain, however the structural changes were not associated with an increase in anxiety, aggressive behavior or differences in IQ. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy may be reversible, not sure. Blood pressure regulation is also important on AAS as high blood pressure can cause issues.

Let’s be honest tho…when we were 18 you got juice from a bro or took a trip to la pharmacia… Now any turd with WiFi connection & watched predetor can juice up… I’m :100: for juicing but only for responsible adults that know risks… Also I believe in starting small… simple 1 compound cycles then upgrade to bigger stax… these dudes going 3-4 deep on 1st cycles are just begging for bitch tits & limp dicks… At 500mg a week on test only u get sweet gainz first cycle… why reinvent the wheel

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I just wanted to say that I am glad that when any young person Googles “Testosterone” etc. they will probably end up at this site at get really well advised, without judgement but without any sugar coating, by people who know.

Are you going to compete? If not, forget it for a while, for your own good. If you want to compete, ok, we can talk about consequences, if not, man… JUST FORGETI IT FOR A WHILE… go to school, get a good job, go out with girls, enjoy your life … someone has to say this to you, I’m not your father, not your mother, but someone has to tell you the truth… forget man…