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Consensus on Weight Gainers?


I've been considering getting on some weight or mass gainer and trying it out for a while. While my goals are strength and size, I'd rather not pack on fat ( I know sometimes it's inevitable in a bulk).

So how does everyone feel about this kind of stuff? The one I bought, though haven't opened yet, has something like 1400 calories, 300 carbs, and 50 grams of protein per serving. I think if I do start taking it I would only take it after work outs.
I see it as a just a quick way to add some calories and carbs to the diet.

Please guide me!


Well how much do you weigh? Weightgainers are basically only for those who can't get in enough calories through solid foods alone. And I'd make my own anyway if I were you. So much cheaper and healthier.

Edit - Also...I don't care if it's for bulking...300 grams of carbs for one meal is just insanity IMO.


Yeah I read around and learned all that fairly quickly. I'll return them tomorrow and see if I can get my money back to put toward more chicken and cottage cheese.


McDonald's was always my best weight gainer. Never failed... "hardgainer" goes out the window with enough of that shit.


you can make your own cheaper and healthier, do a search and I'm sure you'll find a few super shakes that people have made on the forum


Agreed. I can down 8 mcchicken sandwiches and feel comfortably full. Let's see, 360x8=2880. Yup, that'd fix any hardgainer problems. Throw in a pizza for about 1500 cals, and a gallon of milk for 1650 and that's 6000 calories. Screw weightgainer shakes.


probably the EASIEST mass gaining recipe ive ever heard, and ive NEVER seen it fail when ive recomended it to someone, and for that matter it NEVER seems to add fatt to ectomorphs was by alwyn cosgrove. One thing i always found was that giving ectomorphs advice like eat more never worked because the tend to consume 1-2 HUGE meals a day and feel like they eat tons. also giving them too specific of detials makes them feel like theyll never get it.

anyway the meal plan was really simple. three meals of a fatty protein and veggies. three shakes in between witt fruit blended in. If weight gain isnt achieve simply add a tablespoon of natural peanut butter to the shakes. if it still doesnt add a second and so on so forth.

GREAT tasting mass gaining shake.
2 scoops Perfect whey Choclate peanut butter(only cause they are the only company ive seen that has a peanut butter flavour)
1-2 cups milk
2 bananas
2 TBSP Natural peanut butter

I usually pound a glass of greens plus on the side, always hated mixing any greens product with chocolate flavours, much prefer the berry or tangerine falvours with a fruit mix