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Consensus on HCG?

Did the experts on here mention their consensus on hcg? I’m not asking for fertility issues, but I hate having my balls smaller and knowing a bodily organ is shut down, but at the same time I hate to add another chemical plus I personally would need an AI, hence another chemical…

But I just want what’s going to make me healthy as possible and feel my best mentally and physically

Am interested also. All I know is I introduced HCG. Got metallic taste in mouth after 1st and 2nd. Third made me miserable because I believe it shot up my e2 and I was not needing an AI B4. I do 50 mg t 2x a week.
If I dunt do HCG should I be taking pregnenolone and dhea because mine came out low. But then again dhea converts to e2 also.

I wonder if more knowledgeable guys than me can feedback on this:

If adding Nolvadex works in some guys to keep their HPTA releasing LH & therefore keeps their balls producing some endogenous T, is Nolvadex better than HCG?

Because for those it works for, you’re keeping both the HPTA & testicles functioning?

That’s not correct. The hpta is shut down because it detects exogenous testosterone. You blocking the hpta from seeing estrogen will not make it releases lh. It would if you were not taking T.

You can’t have it both ways, any amount of exogenous testosterone shuts your HPTA down, not even HCG will restore HPTA, but it will keep your testes alive.