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Consecutive Hours of Sleep

I know how improtant sleep is to successful body building. All the experts reccomend 7 hours. My problem is that I can’t sleep that long consecutively. I will sleep between 5-6 hours once in bed. If I can get a nap before going to bed and add that on it will come to 7 or more hours but if I just go to bed I can get 5-6 and that is usually it. The seemingly obvious answer would be to retire earlier but that doesn’t work. It seems like I have to get a pre bed nap and then go to bed and add up the time.

I just wonder if this is effective. I have looked at numerous sleep articles but none seem to address this. Does anyone else at all have such a problem? Is it anything that should be of concern? Thanks

Been operating on a lot less than the recommend amount of sleep for many years. I consider 6 straight hours without waking a lot. I can, and do, nap with no problem, though.