As many of you may remember (or not) I whine and complain about my shoulder injury alot, but I am taking care of it per my physio therapist and doctors orders. I have been off work and have been reduced to cardio and calf raises.
I can now do 400lbs for reps on the donkey raises, yay calves.
Anyways I get the all clear to go back to work part time, and resume my lifting (only lighter) last friday.
So I do.
I take it easy in the gym, do a few sets of chins, some pushups, a bunch of body weight stuff, light rows, blah blah blah. All looks to be going well.

Then came work today, only fours hours, got out, shoulder hurts, I relax for the next 10 hours, go to the gym, one set of super light bench (elbows tucked in to minimize shoulder use) and one set of Chins… and that was it, couldn’t lift anything else couldn’t do anything but talk to the guy behind the counter until my workout buddy was done and we could leave -granted I could have done cardio, but I am sick of doing cardio on days I am supposed to be lifting, I wanted to hurl a weight through the mirror, but I didn’t.
So all in all I had to vent to people who may sympathize… and if my job keeps hurting my shoulder, I will just have to find a different job.