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Conor's Progress Thread


I wanted to start a thread to show you guys what I've accomplished in the last year or so of training and as something of a farewell. I've made a big change in my life and I'll be leaving in a few weeks to join the military and I'm not sure when I'll be training heavy again.

Do I want props? Maybe a little. More importantly I want to share how I've achieved what I think is a good level of â??generalâ?? fitness; strong enough, fast enough with enough stamina. Like the proponents of a certain training system that I shall not name, I'm happily mediocre. Nothing is great but nothing is shit either.

I've gone from, at my heaviest, a sloppy 275 totaling 350-450-550 and barely able to locomote under my own power to a slightly less sloppy 250 pulling 600 in about a year. Now, another year later I'm sitting around 215-220 and my last â??heavyâ?? training week before I depart for training I squatted 425 x 2, benched 350x2 and pulled 525x3 and I have fat-man ab outlines. It's taken me a couple years but I've nearly met or exceeded my old bests while drastically improving my stamina and physique.

Currently (These are all within the last month or so) my gym lifts and stats are:

conventional deadlift: 525x3, 425x14
parallel box squat: 425x2, 385x13?
bench press: 350x2
military press: 205 x 4
weighted pullup: bw + 75 for 3, bw + 25 x 12
bodyweight pullup: bw x 17
dip: bw + 70 x 10, bw x 30
3 mile run: 24:00
1 mile run: 7:00

I work in a gym and have the luxury of basically training as much and as often as I want so I generally get in 10-14 sessions a week. A week of training looks like this:

M deadlift and heavy pullup plus accessory work
Tu military press and arms, usually dips supersetted with some kind of curls
W straight bar box squat and some kind of stupidly high rep safety bar work
Th no weight training
F bench, upper body accessory and rep pullups
Sa some kind of conditioning work, either strongman drills or sled work
Su â?? completely off, only stretching and foam rolling if I feel like I need it

I run every weekday morning and alternate between a â??fastâ?? run and a â??longâ?? run. I'm stuck using the treadmill because it's so cold and inhospitable and I hate it.

If I feel beat up from training, particularly after the runs, I will do some very light sled dragging for 10-15 minutes just for recovery. I run in the morning and do this 2-4 hours later so I can be as recovered as possible for lifting at night.

After training I also do extra work with the sled, time allowing. The other notable thing I do is three extra easy sets of pullups at work on days when I don't do pullups in my actual workout.

I'm real hit and miss about updating it but my training log is here:



From a meet back in 2008? BW around 270. I think this pull was 562.


From my first 600 meet pull in 2010, BW around 250-255.


This is my last warmup at 455 at a bodyweight around 220


Wow dude. You've made great progress. I applaud you for enlisting. I hope to do so when I graduate high school in a couple of years. What branch are you going into?



Thanks. I enlisted in the Marine Corps. Otherwise I would never willingly run three miles. I'm joking, but only a little.


Here's a video of the rep deadlift, 405 x 15.


I also plan on enlisting in the Marines. What field are you going into?



Why would joining the Military stop you from training heavy? Just curious...


At bootcamp, you receive 3 meals a day and you are constantly running. I dropped about 20+ lbs. of muscle in 3 months while at Parris Island.

Once you make it out to "the fleet" you can train heavy if that's what you want to do...food is still an issue if you're a barracks Marine because you hit that chow line once and that's it.


It just depends where I'm stationed and what I have access to. If I have somewhere to do it I certainly will. And of course there will be no heavy lifting while at boot camp...


damn son, from flab to fab, i like your exagerated lock out in the early years lol. did conor press help you every step of the way?


That's just what a legitimate three-white-light lockout looks like... jk. I suspect my pressing strength comes directly from Conor-press, yes.


What is a Conor-Press?


It involves a leg-press, a big box, some particle board, and a love of tight spaces.


That is a perfect description! You forgot to include that it's awesome though.


so it's a vagina? haha