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Conor Fights Tonight

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Think he drank more than just OJ/milk with his breakfast that day…

Conor is not educated and grew up poor. He became wealthy “overnight.” That is not a good combination. I know some wealthy people but you would never know they were wealthy.

Spending in relation to income is the key predictor of wealth. Plenty of people make a ton of money, and have a lot of depreciating assets, and hardly any money saved or invested.

A few see this and decide to actually save / invest a good portion of their money. They live modestly for their income, and eventually they are wealthy (usually).

The perception of rich people that poor people have is on average way off. They think rich actors, athletes, Trump… Those are the extreme outliers regarding how people with money actually spend it.

Dana White compared Conor to Rocky in Rocky III. Kinda fit in with this - he doesn’t really have to fight anymore. I mean, like, he does when he has a fight coming up, but he’s got everything he could ever want now. Nothing to left to be hungry for.

Anybody following this YouTube kid, Jake Paul, who’s been getting at Conor to box him?

Chris Rock put it well.

There’s rich, and there’s wealthy.

Shaq is rich. The guy who signs Shaq’s check is wealthy.

Wealth cannot be GIVEN away. It takes generations to spend all of wealth.

Rich can be lost in a crazy summer with a drug habit.


Well I am not gonna argue with you.

But the Barboza fight was three rounds vs five.

People get this illusion that Coner isn’t a fighter.

I feel like it comes from his first fight with Diaz.

There are a lot of variables here.

He isn’t the high output fighter DP is. I think that is a product of his physiology.

Here I am arguing when I said I wasn’t going to.

I think only a moron would judge another man for how he spends his money.

Honestly. With the lavish lifestyle he lives I wonder how long his funds will last. Especially since his brand was so dependent on this persona he cultivated. A lack champ status doesn’t work well with his image.

Whats wealthy?

Only 3 % of the US has a net worth over a million dollars. That isn’t even that much IMO.

Most people are born poor/middle class and die poor/middle class.

Holy shite, that’s a name from the past!

Barrera was awesome in that fight.

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Haha…great post!

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He absolutely smoked Alvarez who at that point had never been knocked out. His meteoric rise was due to him steamrolling an entire division and beating FIVE current, former or future champions in the process. Whoever said his record is bloated has no idea of what they’re talking about. Again, he’s had 3 fights in 4.5 years. You don’t get better at something by not doing it. This isn’t rocket science.

You can put asterisks on many of those wins.


I am not gonna disagree with you.

The dude starched the the greatest featherweight MMA has seen in 13 seconds.

Lucky punch? Maybe. But then he dismantles Alvarez like you said.

His fight with Diaz. He fought at 170 when he had no business being there. Even if it was with Nate Diaz, who despite being durable, is simply not that great of a fighter.

He was feather weight champ he was light weight champ. Regardless of defenses or not that is impressive. Can true fight fans say he goes down as one of the best ever. Probably not. But I truly do not understand where a lot of this “he ain’t shit” sentiment is coming from.

It’s pretty obvious you have some strange bias against him and are incapable of being objective.

There was nothing lucky about that punch.

Are you speaking to a mirror?

Anyway, Mendez and Brandao took the fights on short notice. Max was still young. Poirier was not as good as he would become. Aldo is his most impressive win and you have to wonder how that fight would have turned out had Aldo not made a silly mistake and the fight went more than one round. Diaz was at 170 but he also took the fight on short notice the first fight. Conor won the rematch, barely, which was also at 170 which makes the whole Diaz was bigger argument to excuse the loss moot.

Conor is not a great fighter but a very good fighter. The gap between him and Khabib is huge. Khabib also has the more impressive record with better quality opponents. Conor is 3-3 in his last six ufc fights and was finished in all three losses. Now that his opponents are better he’s unable to take it to another level.


The slapfighting going on in this topic is about as entertaining as Connor’s most recent fights.

That was incredibly lame.

The short notice argument goes both ways as McGregor was training for a completely different style matchup. He also had a partial ACL tear when he KO’d Mendez. Poirier was ranked 4 spots higher than McGregor when they fought. Silly mistake? Like getting knocked out while the puncher was moving backwards? McGregor took the Diaz fight on short notice, went up TWO weight classes, disrupted his training to accommodate a guy at a weight class he didn’t even walk around at and gave him every conceivable advantage during both fights.

He took on Nurmagomedov after a two year layoff and still gave him his toughest fight. That was 2.5 years ago. McGregor’s resume blows the doors off of Nurmagomedov’s. How many times do you have to be told that he’s been inactive and is rusty? Again, you don’t get better at something by not doing it. It has less to do with his opponents and more to do with inactivity. If you can tell me with a straight face that the McGregor that fought Nurmagomedov or Poirier looked like the same guy that fought Alvarez then I don’t know what to tell you.

Again, your odd personal bias against him is walling off objectivity.