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Conor Fights Tonight

Quick and dirty - with the prelims getting started in seconds. I have a feeling Conor is going to get him again. Like Holloway struggling against Volkanovski, I just think the Irishman is a tough matchup for Poirier.


That said, I’ll take Poirier’s hot sauce over Connor’s rot gut whisky any day!

No sense whatsoever on the Chandler v. Hooker fight. Don’t really know Hooker’s game and Chandler is the second best lightweight Bellator’s had (Pitbull is #1 IMO).

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

Conor TKO. I know you septics don’t like him but he’s another level.

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He’s shown incredible progress and even signs of real maturity recently. But we need to wait to call him “another level”. His losses speak as loudly as his wins. I’m definitely favoring him to win tonight, though.

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Aaaaaand, that’s why I wanted to wait to call him “another level”. 2 losses to Poirier. Mauled by Khabib. Beaten by Nate Diaz. Conor’s a special striker, but he doesn’t get to be in the discussion for greatest ever at this point. Too many losses.

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I got a feeling the money got to his head the last few years.

1-1, with the possibility of a third fight I suspect if Conor can get a win over someone like Ferguson.

Shit, got him mixed up.

@whang what’s funny is the money HAD gotten to his head, but he came into this one very level headed. Shook Poiriers hand, acted professional.


Man, Connor appeared to be respectful and humble lately. Where does he go from here? I guess no one stays on top forever. I used to love watching Uriah Faber fight. It killed me to see him lose.

I think this result is the recession after the boom that was McGregor’s stock. He has always presented himself as head and shoulders above his peers in any division which is part of his charm, but I think this shows he stands eye to eye with them. In my opinion he is a Top 5 Lightweight, but the holes in his game that Diaz exposed many years ago are still present. He is a dynamic striker, but is still not as well rounded as his counterparts.

Don’t get me wrong, if I was a betting man I would have put money on Connor last night, but I was really happy for Poirier. He has been grinding a long time and is still improving, and that W last night adds as much to his stock and is detracts from McGregor.

I agree, but imho I think he should complete the trilogy with Diaz up at a catchweight/welterweight. I would be incredibly excited to see that. I think it gives him the opportunity to get a bit more brash with the trash talk (just a bit though, we don’t want people chucking Monster energy cans at each other again) to build hype and Diaz would probably jump at the payday. Even if Connor loses, the fight is up above lightweight so it won’t carry as much weight. Win or lose, he could return to lightweight and face the winner of Gaetje vs. Chandler for a title eliminator.

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He’s had 3 fights in 4.5 years, all coming off of long layoffs. I imagine the money and outside endeavors are distracting, but more than anything he was rusty. Poirier said in the post fight presser that McGregor hurt him in the 1st with the left, and if he pressed he would’ve been in a bad way, but McGregor didn’t.

All of his losses are completely justifiable, but if he doesn’t have the real fire left I think he should hang it up. Always thought the the Mayweather fight was both the best and worst possible thing that could happen to him,and I’ll always stand by that.

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Conor’s number one problem is that he isn’t a fighter. When he doesn’t get his way, he fades. His record is bloated as well. After the Aldo win who did he beat? Before who did he beat? Mendes was having his way until he got tired since he took the fight on short notice. Brandao took the fight on short notice. Holloway was still a kid.

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One MMA analyst I heard over the weekend (Brian Campbell / Morning Kombat) said McGregor reminded him of Mike Tyson in that regard.

I think he may be more like Naseem Hamed. Cocky, flashy with an unorthodox style (and one punch KO power that masked his deficiencies in fundamental skills). Once he was dismantled by Barrera, he was done as a fighter. He realized he needed to work harder but that isn’t easy when you’ve gotten rich beating over the hill and inexperienced fighters.

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People can argue how Conor isn’t a fighter. Can diminish what he has accomplished. But he was undoubtedly an impressive fighter and has done amazing things. Perhaps the circumstances of his meteoric rise were a bit dubious. Being Dana’s boy and all.

I maintain that he doesn’t belong in 155 lbs. I think he should have stayed at 145.

Either way the main talking point of 257 should have been the co main event.

I am very excited to see what Chandler can do with his time in the UFC. I was not expecting him to dispatch Hooker with such ease. Straight starched the dude.

From the media I’ve been following it Appears Dustin isn’t keen on fighting him. From what I read it seems he would rather fight Diaz than Chandler.

I think stylistically that would be one explosive fight.

Everything is relative. Fighters are not compared to librarians but other fighters. He is more of a performer than a fighter, meaning, if he is allowed to perform then he can win but if he is put into a position where he needs to fight he comes up short.

Edson Barboza took a beating from Khabib but he never gave up and continued to try and fight back. Conor would never have gone the distance in his place.

As already mentioned long layoffs didnt help. I bet big on Poirier -Mcgregor seemed nowhere near as focused as he claims to be he just didnt talk smack. 9 days before the fight he bought a watch for 1 Million dollars!
Generally his social media in the weeks before is him dicking around in Dubai(not fight island).

What a moron.


If it’s the watch I saw, it’s ugly as hell.


Yep, bananas

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I think when luxury gets to a certain point it deserves ridicule. I would be embarrassed to wear a 1 million dollar watch no matter how much money I had. The money could be better used on all most anything.

I might be a bit off as it seems most people respect status symbol items. I see them as stupidity. I think the perception that other are impressed by one’s items is a lot greater than how much others are actually impressed.

A friend just bought a 65K luxury SUV that is really nice, but will set him back financially. I did not get into that at all, just said how nice it was. I felt bad for him at the time though.