Connor's Training Log

Hello all, my name is Connor. I’m 15, turn 16 in late june and have been lifting for about 4 months while reducing fat. I am now at the point where I would like to bulk for strength and size. I love the lifestyle of lifter and enjoy the strength, feeling, and rush you get from lifting and exercising.

About 3 years ago I was your typical average 170 lb 5ft 2 computer geek who spent 18+ hours a day playing MMO’s like Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft. I had decided one day that I just didn’t enjoy sitting on my ass all day long. So I started my regiment, I droped junk food and soda all together and got to learn all about health dieting and nutrition…well as much as I comprehended at the age.

Around christmas I had decided to join the local Gym and since then I have been refining myself more and more. Now, however, I have the confidence that I can get to that 10% bodyfat and be what a normal human should be. So this means I’ll have to try to surpass that =) This will be my journal from now until whenever. I have planned to use Rippetoe’s Strength program first as I don’t want to gain too much mass but moreso strength.

I am also undergoing the first one week of the Anabolic diet by Mauro Di Pasquale and so far I’m liking it quite well. I will post all the details, some pictures, and my diet and program later as I don’t have the time now although I did want to get this introduction written.

i was playing tackle football and baseball when i was 15

Day one
A day
3x5 Squats 125lbs
3x5 Bench press 115 lbs
1x5 Dead lift 125 lbs
7x5 widegrip pull ups bodyweight (130 lbs)
3x5 Dips bodyweight (130 lbs)

Feel good, refreshed. Just had a whey shake, some chicken, some broccolli, and some mozzarella, looking for another fatty substance before bed. (AD :stuck_out_tongue: )