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Connor Mcgregor UFC 223 Incident. Jail Time? Is His Career Over?


If it were a stunt Lobov wouldn’t have pissed his pants.


What dude. Not trying to argue here but Conor is way more technical and skilled then Khabib. Especially stand up wise. The reason Khabib dominates imo is because he is so tough and relentless but he doesn’t have a huge arsenal of skill sets to dispatch his opponents with. Not to take anything away from Khabib I love the guy and his fights. And he is the champ.


I was just poking fun at you bro. I need to be more sensitive to people on the spectrum. My apologies.


Don’t worry, I can handle it.


Khabib’s wrestling is better than Conor’s. Technically better, that is.


Are you being a smart ass. Khabib’s wrestling is not technical. He has a few things he does. He does them well and he is super tough.

But I have no issue conceding that Connors Wrestling isn’t equal to Khabibs. But overall as a fighter I think Mcgregors more skilled. He has more tools he can use. But hey maybe I am wrong. Thats why we are going to watch the fight.

I am gonna say it now. Connor puts him away in the first round or second at the latest. Thats how confident I am in his stand up.


Isn’t that what being technical means?

How can he be more skilled overall when you concede he isn’t equal to Khabib when it comes to wrestling, which has been shown to be the best base for mma?



Talking to goddamn casuals is so annoying. Haha just kidding.

Did you watch last nights card. Henry Cejudo’s wrestling. Thats technical wrestling. Level changes while cutting the corner. Using shrugs and throw bys. I don’t know if that means anything to you and theres like a 100 different names for the same move. He had some pretty sweet inside leg sweeps.

Khabib on the other hand is either blast doubling you either go down or get run into the cage or shooting a dart single/low single elevating the leg up high and driving forward. Kyle Dake was very effective with that during his collegiate career. Those are not very technical moves. I mean they are your bread and butter and they can get technical in regards to how you apply pressure but its pretty rudimentary basic stuff.

Khabib is not winning with his grappling because he is super technical. He just doesn’t budge and is relentless in his pursuit.

“How can I say he is more skilled”

I’ve said it twice already. I think the man has more tools in his bag. His striking is leagues beyond Khabib like its not even comparable. Where as I don’t think there is nearly the gap between the two’s wrestling ability as there is in their stand up. Connor can punch coming forward can punch moving backwards. Solid use of leg kicks. Hes got a solid teep. He is so loose and fluid in his movements. His judgement of distance is amazing. And he has already dismantled two solid wrestlers in Chad Mendes 2 x D 1 all American and 2008 runner up NCAA finals ( I know I know Chad didn’t have a full camp) and Eddie Alvarez.

I love wrestling. I came from a wrestling background it is the best base for MMA fighting but we are talking about two individuals here lets take their individual skillsets into account not make predictions based upon generalizations from styles.

Its a great match up though. Khabib has to take him down. That is his only option. If he can’t do that Connor beats him no question not even close. He takes him down how much of a mauling is Connor going to get will he be able to get back up. Or is it gonna go like the Barboza and Johnson fight.

Also I am not as convinced of Khabibs skill set as I am of Connors. Based on who they fought and when.


Some advice, stop trying to convince others by using contradictory arguments.

Who took Conor down with ease until his gas tank inevitably ran out. He even landed punches. And Alvarez started the fight trying to strike, not wrestle.

What? Standing, the superior striker usually wins. On the ground, the better wrestler usually wins. That’s a generalization based on historical fact.


Khabib can’t lose because if he loses he cannot come back to Dagestan.


Some advice, don’t be a patronizing wiener. Khabibs wrestling is basic. Maybe you don’t have a grappling background so its difficult for you to see the difference in wreslting between Khabib and someone like Henry Cejudo which I mentioned earlier. I was merely making note that even simple moves can be more technical then they appear. They are still basic.

As far as the Mendes fight. 5 take down attempts 3 where successful 2 where stuffed. Connor got to his feet after two of them and the other of which led to them in guard at end of 1st round. Connor did really well from his back as well in the second round. He recovered got to his feet and put Mendes away. Make excuses for Mendes about his gas tank. Would you make the same excuse for Connor when he gassed against Diaz got rocked and took a shitty shot and choked. Probably not. Regardless of what happens you either get your hand raised or you don’t.

Alvarez got rocked and forgot his game plan thats what happened.

Connor still took out two solid wrestlers. Chad was prob top 5 back then and Eddie was the champ.

Connor destroyed the greatest bantam weight champion in UFC history. He has beaten the current bantam weight champ. A fight he took with an injury. He destroyed Eddie Alvarez when he was lightweight champ. He beat Chad Mendes a phenomenal fighter who has consistently been in title contention. He finished Dustin Poirier who is in title contention now. Not to mention his fights with Nate at 170. I feel like the evidence is undeniable. But like I said I don’t really know and I am super excited for this fight. I am still calling it now though. Connor puts him away inside two.

As for individual skillsets. I meant that in regards to saying whose more skilled. Like lets look at it like this. I give Connor 10 skill points in striking and 5 in wrestling. I give khabib 4 in striking and 9 in wrestling. Obviously its not that simple but I think my point is clear.


This is a great video. Really breaks down some of the details stylistically.


Maybe I don’t but we’re talking about mma, not the Olympics. There are no basic moves, the same move can be executed by two different people yet one executes in an advanced fashion. What’s the difference between between Kosei Inoue’s uchi mata and some random black belt in the YMCA? There are moves that work and those that don’t.

You did that.

No, because Conor had a full camp and didn’t have to worry about his typical weight cut.

Evidence of what? He is better skilled at wrestling than Khabib?

Because we have seen him wrestle? Is this wrestling relative to actual wrestlers? Is his striking a ten relative to Mayweather who must be 100 in that case?

Yeah it’s not and you pretty much have them even.


Oh guess I forgot to respond to this.

I mention the previous fights because the caliber of fighters Connor has beaten is way more impressive then Khabibs. Regardless of whether those fighters are wrestlers or not. Two of which where.

You mentioned the gas tank on Mendes btw not me.

Look at Khabibs record its 26-0 that looks nice right. But lets just look at his last 4 fights. La quinta, Barboza, Johnson, Horcher. Obviously decent fighters but not the same as Mcgregors which was Alvarez, Diaz, Aldo, Mendes.

In my opinion Khabibs win against RDA is the only one that stands out as having been against a legit contender.

I think Khabibs skill set might be a bit exaggerated. It hasn’t been consistently tested against the best.

This disagreement was never over who the best wrestler but who was more skilled overall. At least thats what I thought we were discussing.

I guess we have hashed this out enough. Just one final comment I guess unless you have something new to add. Mcgregor is a special athlete and fighter in my opinion. His athletic ability, his fluidity of movement, his understanding of distance and timing, the power hes got in his left.

Khabib stands straight up. Mcgregor is a southpaw. Theres no way he is not getting rocked by that left. But again we will see.