Conjungate Training on Cycle?

I’m about to start a test/anavar cycle and I really want to get my training right. The main goal of the cycle is to learn new strength levels but my long term goals are power and rfd. My question is, is it worth including things like depth jumps on cycle or should I focus on uncompromised strength training?

As I understand it depth jumps cause more of a neural adaptation? If so wouldn’t they be almost as effective off cycle? Basically I’ve got the idea in my head that the the more speed and less strength involved in an exercise the less adaptation the gear will offer from that exercise. Is this the case or am I talkin bollocks? In any case, should I include depth jumps?

If this is the case what about slightly more strength orientated power movements such as cleans, speed squats? I’m currently using a westside routine very effectively but could I achieve greater strength gains by sticking to pure strength exercises on cycle?

Input greatly appreciated.



I would think a Westside-type program would work very well on-cycle, maybe switch over to WS4SB if you are looking for more athletic/power gains.

Ok cheers, what about the depth jumps then? I’m planning a blend of westside/kelly bagget training ideas and was wondering if it would be a good time to include a shock cycle of depth jumps on cycle? Or save the cns resources for strength development? Any opinions appreciated.

Just an idea…

Have you considered holding off on the cycle and trying to implement your plan without the anavar etc?

I jsut think that if you give it a dry run with the adjustments you’re thinking of now you’ll have a better idea on how to adjust it to maximize gains when you re-run it while “on”, and you don’t run the risk of blowing your cycle cos you’re training wasn’t great.

Just something to consider.

read some of the Westside Barbell articles on explosive power and stuff if your confused about it.
Louie says to do jumping excersises the day before ME lower body to prevent DOMS, cant remember if he says depth jumps should be trained that way, but definately box jumps, broad jumps and other non bouncing jumps.

Thanks for the replys guys…

I’m not worried about blowing my training, I’ve tried all the methods before and sure they all work but I’m wondering which should be used on cycle…

to quote myself:

“I’ve got the idea in my head that the the more speed and less strength involved in an exercise the less adaptation the gear will offer from that exercise”

Somebody please tell me thats a load of shite and I’ll do depth jumps with my steroids and be very happy


barry bonds juiced to get his balls to fly out of the stadium better. And wacking balls is a very speed strength type endeavor, moreso than jumping i would guess. so whatever the strength you get out of it would help the jumping better improvements.

lol looks like im a crazy person or retarded^