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Conjugated Periodization


Ive been reading alot lately because my progress in strength has damn near halted. I know its my training methods that are killing me and Im confident in conjugated periodization. Could anyone possibly help me with two questions?
There are no reverse hyperextension setups in my gym and I was wondering what is the best substitute for this exercise?

I was wondering, also, if anyone would be able to help me find other templates to use or even be able to post them here.


You mean Westside Barbell Training Method right?

FYI, its a concurrent periodisation not conjugate periodisation according to Supertraining (Simmons used the term incorrectly). A true conjugate periodisation will be like Sheiko.

To answer your question try cable pullthroughs, Glute Ham Raises, Romanian Deadlifts and Seated/Standing Goodmornings.

It sounds like you haven't done enough research.


The above way is an excellent way to modify Westside Training Method.


Yeah, WS4SB is the shit. My strength coach at school has me on that template (slightly modified for my sport, but pretty much still the same template) and I've made tons of gains. The best part about it is that it is so flexible to your needs- like any training system should be.


Incorrect, Westside is a form of conjugate peridization. The fact that Louie believes that rotating exercises every 3 weeks, is conjugated periodization, is wrong. The specific and orderly phases they plan will make it conjugate periodization. We have only been able to work w/ the general template of Westside. There are many misconceptions concerning this topic.

The "Concurrent/Complex METHOD" can be utilized in a conjugated sequence system, which essentially is conjugate periodization. No such thing as a "true conjugated periodization". Any training model that calls for simultaneous development of several qualities would be classified as using the conjugate method.

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Have you read supertraining?

I have only read parts of its (because its fucking boring). However, if you own it, please read page 290 of the 6th edition of Supertraining.

conjugated sequencing is orgainising training into chronologically sequenced segments of unidirectional focus.

The concurrent method, on the other hand, is the simultaneous training of several disparate elements of fitness.

Therefore Westside is a concurrent method according to supertraining, not conjugated sequencing. This definition was incorrectly used by Louie Simmons.

Recently, however the Elitefts guys have started to use the term concurrent method instead of conjugate method.

Jim Wendler used it in this article instead of the term conjugate method.





Thank you. The reason i called it conjugated is because the article I read off of here referred to it as the same. It went through western periodization and through the conjugated periodization--maybe it was outdated???

but thanks alot.


Actually, I havent. No Time and No patience for the technical jumbo.

Yes...the general template utilizes the concurrent/complex method. However, there is much more behind Westside than most people know. They do not utilize the standard template all year long. They have Circa phases which emphasizes maximal strength, and blocks that sequenced accoringly to peak for a meet.

I admit that I too, thought Westside was a pure concurrent/comlex system. However, after a great thread at "Conjugate Sequence System", I learned differently.

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I came across this aticle as directed from another website and like the workout for sport due to the use of chains for explosiveness and the flexibility ..

great for my teenage son to use as he quickly gets bored and variation is good.... like how so many proven priciples are implemented in this program that sport athletes can benefit from