Conjugated periodization

Alright i really like the conjugated method of using max effort, repitition method and dynamic method all at once. But how exactly do you cycle the volume? I thought maybe this would work, for my supplemental exercises start with 3 sets and then up the volume by 1 set each week keeping the same weight, then on the 4th week drop back down to 3 sets but increase the weight. Then on the 5th week change the exercise and start all over again. Would this work? I also though about drastically reducing the volume every once in a while by using like only your main exercise and 1 supplemental exercise. Like for max effort squat day you would do you max effort exercise then reverse hypers and then call it a day. Would this work too?

I am assuming you are training Westside style on this one. You may want to check Christian Thibaudeau post on his forum about block training. What you described almost sounds like one of the block he posted (Average volume > High > super > moderate). Also read all the articles you can find about Westside, the one on this “Big Bad bench” will give you an idea as to how the volume is typically cycled. Also sample program can be found on the elite website. Hope this helps.