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Conjugated periodization routine

I just got done reading Dave Tate’s articles on his bench rotuine and the conjugated periodization routine. I’m going to start his bench routine next week and then after that, I’m going to start doing his conjugated periodization routine. I just have a couple questions about those routines. If anyone has used them before or has any knowledge about them, please post here . thanks a lot.

I’ve used them on a trial basis myself to familiarize myself with the methodology. I’ve studied all the videos and text and trained a group of powerlifters using the principles for about a year now. What are your particular questions?

ok, first off I have a couple questions about Dave Tate’s periodization bench routine article. Once I get done with this nine week bench program, then I’ll have more questions about his conjugated periodization routine. Ok, here’s the questions about the bench program:

  1. What exactly are the three grips on the dynamic bench press day?
  2. On the dynamic bench press day, it says to use the three grips for 8 sets of 3 reps. So should I use each grip for 8 sets of 3 reps ( which would equal 24 sets) or should I use two grips for 3 sets of three and the last grip for two sets of 3 ( which would equal 8 sets)?

Thank you very much for any advice you have… I’ll have a couple more questions about the periodization routine itself…

8 sets total. 3 sets per grips 1 and 2 (both inside the rings), 2 sets at grip 3 (on the rings or outside).

i do nine sets total - 3 sets with my hand touching the smooth portion of the bar, three with my pinky just inside the ring, and three sets with a grip in between. i alternate - widest, mid grip, narrow grip, widest, etc.

all grips should be with the hands inside the rings.

Pete, do you use a bench shirt? The reason I ask is that I think someone who doesn’t use a bench shirt needs to do a little bit more wide-grip work than is traditionally prescribed in the WSB method (including on dynamic days – which is why the last 2 of my 8 sets are either pinky on the ring or middle finger on the ring). A “raw” lifter doesn’t get the same boost off the chest as a lifter using a bench shirt, so a little more chest work (as opposed to tricep work) I think is appropriate. Your thoughts?

What do you all think about how the WSB guys say natural lifter can train using all their methods. Does anyone have know if WSB has any natural lifters and if they really do train with the same volume year round? I have used their methods with much success, but I can’t keep up that volume year round. It seems to me hammering your tris and hams twice a week all the time is a bit much. Have you all adapted a lower volume approach that still utilizes their methods. If so what did you do. I am thinking about prioritizing my squat and dead using the dynamic and max effort like they do, then benching only once a week.

Matt, I agree raw lifters should do things a little differently than those with a bench shirt. I agree that tri’s have a lot to do with the bench, but I still think the chest is important and shouldn’t be overlooked. I say this, but I sure don’t bench as much as those dudes at Westside.

I’ll put the natural thing and WSB to bed straight away. Yes, naturals can train WSB. It’s the same frequency that Ian King and just about everyone else prescribes. And you do less work than a lot of those programs as well (Not King’s, though).

All the other workouts are geared towards recovery or capacity improvement (fitness), just like Coach Davies’ stuff.

i do use a bench shirt but my wife and one of my other workout partners have competed in raw meets. they both made improvements in their bench and their speed grips were mostly inside their competition grip. my workout partner made the same arguement. he thought full range dumbell presses helped him out of the bottom.

i know at least the four of us train drug free and have been on westside for a while. initially it was physically very abusive to the body. i started doing extra workouts and i have increased my recovery ability. try doing the extra workouts - they really help. i also probably do more sets during my workouts than the westsiders do.

That’s cool, thanks for the input. I have wanted to talk to someone else who trained this way. I have done sled dragging, but it was all for my lower body. It for sure helped. I think incorporating some extra work for upper body would be a good idea.

I am not sure about the natural thing, although I am pretty sure that Westide does have some naturals. As far as the shirt Westside has both, and they train the same.