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Conjugated Loading Help


If I were to use a Conjugated Sequence Model using Maximal Strength as my main training stimulus could I use Power-Endurance of Medium duration or of a higher duration as the alternate performance variable?

Or would training Maximal Strength at high volume and intensity disrupt adaptation if I were to train same movement patterns using the Power-Endurance? If training power-endurance would negatively affect the MxS what is another performance variable that I could use? The ultimate goal is a "science test" to see if someone with a current level of 15 pull-ups can reach 30 reps. The time frame is about 2 months.




The only way any of this would make any sense is if the focus of your 'Maximial Strength' training is to increase your one rep max on pull-ups. Otherwise, using number of pull-ups as a means to increase maximal strength for anything other compound movements is absolutely senseless. Since this is a powerlifting forum and max pull-ups is not an event in competition, I don't know what the hell this is doing here.


Yes, the 'Maximal Strength' would be to increase the 1RM. So your saying that it would make sense to use MxS and the Power-Endurance? Only because MxS means when converted to Power-endurance of any duration, you will be able to complete more reps. So combing MxS at the same time with the Power-Endurance, using the Conjugated Loading Method, one would notice an increase in MxS and in the number of reps performed during the P-E phase. I was using pull-ups as an example, but I will change it to a Clean and Jerk.

My confusion would be if your training 4 days a week on MxS and 2 days a week on some sort of Power-Endurance, would that be way over training of the same movement pattern and the motor units? Thanks for the feedback. This is all hypothetical, but for an understanding for myself.