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Conjugated and Linear Combined?


This year, as part of my off season(sprint cycling), I need to up my squat very much but also limit the loos of speed. That's why conjugated has most of the time been applied.

Now, since I don't work on the upper body as much, oculd I use a conjugated patern with an emphasis on max strenght and then an emphasis on speed-strenght?

Usually, I see the 2 parameter done on a relatively equal amount. Instead, Would it be wise for example :

Max strength emphasis :
2x week Max efforts squats
1x week dynamic effort squats

speed strength emphasis :
1x week Max efforts squats
2x week dynamic effort squats

each phase lasting about 8 weeks. After that, maintenance of everything, moving to more specific stuff.

Of course, this is not a plan in itself, just a thought. Any critics are welcome, good or bad.


Im not sure why you think you'll lose speed if your squat goes up. IMHO, you're making it too complicated: you want your squat to go up. period. If getting faster is what that takes, do what needs to be done. If more ME work is what it takes, do it. If you squat 405 now and get it up to 455, you'll automatically squat 405 faster, since now its 91% of your max, not 100%. And posterior chain work is always a plus for your speed.


KBCThird, I know what you mean and I understand. That already happenned in the past. The thing is, specific speed of movement under tension (on the bike) needs not to be lost at all cost!

When too much max effort work is done, the speed aspect can suffer a lot and a loss in power can happen, thus the quesioning behind my first post.

The idea is to know if conjugated can be concentrated more toward a specific quality or is it better to keep it at the same level of volume and progress?