Conjugate Tactical Training Log

I have been on and off keeping track of my training over the years. I’ve gone from notebook and pen, to cell phone, to excel sheets, and majority of the time just nothing. Now, I have found a benefit to not tracking everything so religiously. It has allowed me to go based off feel on some things and to not get overly stressed about numbers and percentages. On the other hand, it has hurt because it becomes difficult to track progress with RPE etc.

The biggest difficulty I have found has been sticking to programs as they are written because of my crazy schedule. I work in Law Enforcement under a shift rotation with a lot of overtime and an on call responsibility during my off time. I do not know what the week is going to hold for me and you never know if the night of sleep you are about to get will be interrupted or not. So with this, training has to adapt. I typically follow the Conjugate tactical monthly programming from the conjugate club website. However, I do adapt a lot of it to fit my needs, my recovery, and my time. I may split up one workout into three mini workouts throughout 1-2 days or, I may just omit the portion of the workout I believe is least necessary for me. Learning to read my body and operate under a state of fatigue without destroying myself has been my biggest lesson while facing this issue. Also, I am training out of a garage gym, so this helps with the time issue for the most part, and I am blessed enough to have a majority of the equipment I need.

So with all this, I am going to log my daily sessions here for two reasons. One, this will keep me organized and disciplined to stick to and perform the things I need to. Two, I feel my training has changed so much through the years due to unique life issues and hopefully someone else can take something from this to benefit their own training. So without any more delay, here are the past couple days of training and what they looked like.

Aug 16 (Evening) DE Lower Main Movements

Insert: Tabata fan bike legs only

  1. 5x5 front squat at 75% (245lbs) - sleevs, belt, heels: 2 mins rest between sets

  2. 8 sets of

  • 2 deadlifts at 60% (315lbs) + 25% (green bands)
    -5 box jumps: rest was nothing more than walking back and forth
  1. Hill sprints
    -25ish yards
    -70% effort, rest was walk back

Aug 17 (Evening) DE Lower Accessories

Insert: 15 minutes of constant work
Odd mins: max rep box step ups
Even mins: 10 double kb cleans, rest remaining of minute

  1. 2x20 cable assisted inverse curl using 20lbs

  2. 3x30 back extensions at 45 degress

  3. 2 sets of

  • 30 reverse hypers at 150lbs
  • 40 high cable chest pulls at 50lbs
  1. 2 sets of 1:30 plank with 30 sec rest

Stretch out lower back and hips hard. Both workouts were under an hour and hit everything I needed to hit in regards to DE Lower work within two days.


Aug 18 (evening) DE Upper Main

Insert: Tabata battle rope

  1. 10 rounds of
  • 5 dumbbell bench press: 90lbs
  • 10 ultra wide grip push-ups
    -rest 60 seconds then get back after it
  1. 20 minute easy outdoor road run. Ran for 10 minutes, turned around, and made it back in that same time.

Called it there for the day. Will do accessories and extra work tomorrow. The goal of the main work here was getting a lot of pressing in and remaining explosive under fatigue.


Aug 19 (Evening) DE Upper Accessories

  1. 5 sets of
  • 15 incline Tate presses
  • High rep lateral raises
  1. 3x50 cable pressdowns with band

  2. 4x15 bent row with dumbbells and bands loaded at the front

  3. 200 reps of alternating cross body hammer curls with 20lb dumbbells without dropping bells

This concluded the workout for the day. No conditioning, just light accessories for the upper body. Entire workout utilized slow and controlled tempo with all reps, weight did not matter. Workout time was 45 mins.


Aug 20 was a rest day from weights. Did a lot of outdoor activities to keep active.

Aug 21 ME Lower Main

Prior to warming up for squat: 3x15 wide grip tempo Larsen bench with 50% (170lbs)

  1. work to a 1RM box squat against black mini bands
  • used 16 inch box, high bar and medium stance
  • black bands equaled about 25lbs per side so 50lbs at top
    -135, 185, 225, 275, 315, 340, 365x1 top set
    -back off work at 80% 295 for 2 sets of 5
    -lower box to 14 inches then 60% 225 for 1 sets of 6, long pause on box
  1. Running stairs
  • 60 seconds of running with 60 seconds rest for 5 rounds

Goal of pressing at the beginning is just to get a little more volume on for upper body, not supposed to be taxing at all. Goal for the day was just to hit some good box squatting with a heavy single. Tomorrow will be accessories.


Aug 22 ME Lower Accessories

Insert: for time
20 box jumps to high bench
80 Russian kb swings 50lb
80 push-ups
20 box jumps to high bench
Time: 6:20

  1. Build to a top set of 5 SSB Goodmorning
    -95, 135, 185, 205, 225x5 top set

  2. 4 sets of belt squat march

  • 2 sets of 1 minute with 140lbs + dbl 50lb kbs in front rack
  • 2 sets of 1:30 with 90lbs + dbl 50lb kbs in front rack
  1. 3 sets of
  • 15 reverse hyper at 50% of squat (200lbs)
  • 20 hanging knee raises
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Aug 23 ME Upper Main

Insert: Tabata, alternating battle ropes and med ball push-ups

  1. build to a heavy 3 push press, then work to 1RM, all using clean grip
    -95x3, 135x3, 160x3, 185x3, 205x3 top triple, these were done as quick triples, no resting on chest
    -225x1, 235x1, 245x1 top single

  2. 3x 1:30 rounds of empty bar overhead press seated on the ground with legs and back straight

The finisher timed rounds of overhead press were a killer. This is an old technique used to light up the delts. Hardest part in this for me was keeping my legs straight, the hip flexors got a workout too.


Aug 24 ME Upper Accessories

Insert: 4x25 of
-banded tricep extensions
-banded curls
-banded pullaparts

  1. 5x10-12 JM press, did a pyramid up to 145lbs then drop set all the way back down to the bar

  2. 8 sets of

  • 5 hang clean high pulls to a 5RM
  • max rep ring rows
  • 15 hammer curls

40 reps for time of deadlift zercher sequence: deadlift to standing then lower bar to legs and assume zercher position, zercher squat bar to standing then reverse these steps for 1 rep. Repeat 39 more times.

Time: 11:30 with 135lbs


Aug 28 DE Lower Main

Insert: 5 mins air bike steady pace

  1. 5x5 front squat at 80% (260lbs) rest periods 2:30

  2. 8 sets of

  • 3 deadlifts at 60% (315lbs) + 25ish% in bands (green and black)
  • 5 weighted box jumps: 35lb dumbbells to bench
  1. Russian curl drill: 5 mins non stop cross body curls with fat grips

Aug 29 DE Lower Accessories

Insert: 100 lunges uphill

  1. 5x15 tempo lying leg curls with 3 count hold

  2. 3x40 back extensions

  3. 2 sets of

  • 30 reverse hypers at 170lbs
  • 40 high chest pull rows with 60lbs


  • 10 minute EMOM 100m rower sprint

Aug 30 DE Upper Main

Warmup: 4x20 of each
-banded shoulder rotators
-banded tricep extensions
-banded facepulls
-mace swings

  1. 10 sets of
  • 6 dumbbell bench with 90s
  • 10 push-ups hands extra wide and feet on bench
  • rest is 60 seconds
  1. 50 standing strict hammer curl to overhead press for time
  • 30s at 5:49

Aug 31 DE Upper Accessories

6 sets of

  • 15 Tate presses with bands using 30s
  • high rep lateral raises

4x50 tricep pressdowns using different grip for each set

5x12 barbell rows with a band in front

  • 135lbs plus black band


  • 40 sprawl to box jump for time
  • time: 4:04

Starting the next wave I am going to do my best to not split up the workouts if my schedule allows. I will be taking more rest days but on those days I will still spend some time working mobility or very low intensity cardio.


Got behind on my log due to this week being extremely busy with work, but still managed to get some good training in.

Sept 3: Upper body GPP

Wide grip push-ups 1x max reps

Bench dips elbows tucked 1x50

Bench dips elbows flared 1x75

Banded chest press 1x100

Banded tricep extensions 2x125

Banded tricep pressdowns 3x150

Sept 4: Max effort lower

Warmup: 5 minute incline walk

Extra press volume: 2x15 bench with 185lbs, 1 set close one set wide

  1. build to heavy 3 zercher squat to box
  • 16inch box
  • 135x3, 185x3, 225x3, 250x3, 275x3, 300x3, 315x3
  1. 5 sets of
  • 6-8 reps of barbell rows with 225lbs
  • 20 Russian kb swings with 100lbs
  1. 3x10-12 weighted back extensions, ankles at parallel, 50lbs

  2. 4 sets of

  • 12 reverse hypers at 60% (250lbs)
  • 8 strict dumbbell hammer curl to press using 40-50lb dumbbells

5 sets of
100 foot sled pull with 2 plates
8 full squat jumps
Time: 7:03

Sept 5: Total body GPP

4 rounds of 50 reps
Lat pulldowns
Neutral plate press
Cable crunches
Belt squat

Sept 6: Max effort upper

  1. build to a 1RM military press
  • 65x1, 85x1, 105x1, 125x1, 155x1, 170x1, 190x1
  1. 2x 5:00 Barry dumbbell drill using 15lb dumbbells

  2. 7x12 strict ez bar skull crushers with 75lbs

  3. 2x high rep tricep pressdowns

  4. 100 bent over dumbbell rows, everytime you drop the weights do 15 push presses, using 45lb dumbbells

  5. 3x max reps weighted pull-ups with 25lbs hanging

Half mile sand bag carry with 100lb bag
Time: 16:24

Spent the next couple days recovering and catching up on sleep when I could. Training will pick up tomorrow.


Sept 9 DE Lower

Warmup: 5 minute bike

  1. work to 3x5 front squat at 85% (275lbs)

  2. work to a heavy double on conventional deadlift in 10-12 sets
    -rest only to add weight and ride bike for :45

  • 135, 185, 225, 275, 315, 365, 385, 405, 425, 450
    -no belt
  1. 4 sets of
  • 10 weighted back extensions parallel with 50lbs
  • 100 banded leg curls
  1. 2 sets of
  • 30 reverse hypers with 180lbs
  • 40 banded chest pulls
  • 30 banded upright rows


  • 5 rounds of
  • 500 m row
  • 10 box jump
    Time: 14:40

Sept 11 DE Upper

  1. 10 sets of
  • 5 low incline dumbbell press using 90s
  • 10 extra wide feet elevated push-ups
  • rest 1 minute
  1. 4 sets of
  • 20 overhead dumbbell tricep extensions using a 50
  • 10 dumbbell lateral raises using 40s
  1. 200 tricep pushudowns using rope as fast as possible

  2. 5 sets of

  • 10 barbell rows using 225lbs
  • 20 dumbbell hammer curls using 35s

For time
30 dips
100 foot farmers 165 per hand
20 dips
100 foot farmers 165 per hand
10 dips
100 foot farmers 165 per hand
Time: 4:00


Sept 13 ME Lower

Prior to warming up for squat, 2x15 bench at 195lbs. One set close one set wide. Extra volume work

  1. build to a 1RM wagon wheel deadlift against black bands
  • 135, 185, 225, 275, 315, 365, 405, 455, 495, 525x1 top set
  1. 4x12 dumbbell clean and press strict with 40s

  2. 3 sets of

  • 15 weighted parallel back extensions using 50lb dumbbell at chest
  • 20 weighted step ups using 40lb dumbbells and high bench
  1. 2 sets of
  • 30 hanging knee raises holding 20lb dumbbell at feet
  • 1:00 side to side steps with doubled red band around ankles
  1. 4 sets build to a heavy 12 reverse hyper
  • 250, 270, 290, 310

10 minute AMRAP

  • 80 foot sandbag bear hug walk with 150lbs
  • max reps parallel dips
    8 rounds

September 15 ME Upper

  1. work to a heavy double medium grip touch bench vs doubled red bands (60lbs at top)
  • 95, 135, 185, 225, 245, 265, 285x2 top double then did 305x1
  1. 5 sets of
  • 10-15 feet up dumbbell bench using 80s
  • max reps rows with same dumbbells
  1. 4x10 double kettlebell overhead press while standing in belt squat
  • using 50lb kbs and had 200lbs loaded in the belt squat
  1. 5x8 strict ez bar skullcrushers at 95lbs

  2. 10x10 feet elevated push-up with 10 second rest

  3. 3:00 dead hang from pull-up bar, every drop do 5 hang clean high pulls with 135lbs

  4. 4 sets of high reps with banded reverse fly

5 minutes AMRAP
20 Russian kb swings with 50lb
4 box jumps
Did 6 rounds


Sept 18 DE Lower

Warmup: stretch hips really well

  1. 12x2 box squat at 50% (205lbs) + 25% (100lbs) in chains
  • 14inch box, high bar wide stance
  • used 120lbs in chain due to chain weights
  • performed as EMOM using belt for bracing practice
  • chains hooked to second ring from bottom
  1. 8x1 sumo deadlift 75% (415lbs) performed as EMOM
  • use belt again to work on bracing
  1. 15:00 minute AMRAP of
  • 20 walking goblet lunges: 60lb db
  • 10 body weight pull-ups
  • 10 dumbbell standing half moons: 50lb db
    Rounds: 4 + 20,10,5
  1. Lying leg curls 10x10 with 10 second rest
    -using 20lbs on machine

  2. 4 sets of

  • 25 reverse hypers at 30% (120lbs)
  • 15-25 chest supported rows using 50lb kettlebells

This was a good dynamic session, despite hips and legs already being sore from the weekend. “Conditioning” was in the middle of the workout with the goal to work at a steady pace and get a good amount of non stop work in. Box heigh for the squats was lowered, working on getting hips mobile.

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Welcome to the darkside of conjugate!!

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Sept 21 DE Upper

  1. 8x3 push press with 70% (170lbs)
    -clean grip, performed as EMOM

  2. 3x30 upright rows with 65lb barbell

  3. 4 sets of

  • 10 back extensions at 45 degrees using empty SSB
  • 30-50 cable chest pulls with rope and 50lbs
  1. 2x4:00 sets of max reps parallel dips, when dips fail hold 150lb sandbag at chest for 20 seconds
  • rest 4:00 between the sets
  1. 7 sets of
  • 10 dumbbells hammer curls using 50s
  • high rep tricep push downs using EZ bar attachment
  • 1 minute rest

Time was running short today so conditioning will be done tomorrow with an emphasis on something more long duration.


Sept 22 Conditioning day

Bypassed conditioning in yesterdays workout. It was programmed as a 10 minute sled drag and farmers carry. So today I kindof modified it and did the following.

10 mins jog
10 mins on rower
10 mins backwards sled drag
10 mins suitcase farmers walk, only using one dumbbell every lap change hands

40 minutes of good constant work then done.


Sept 25 ME Lower

Warmup: 5 minutes on the air bike, legs only
*left IT band was super tight today

  1. Prior to hitting lower body, continued with the 2x15 bench press, one close grip one wide grip. This week did 205lbs

  2. Build to a 1RM squat

  • 135lbs, 185lbs, 245lbs, 290lbs, 335lbs, 375lbs, 415x1 top set
  1. 5x12 DB hang clean and press + push press
  • used 40lb db’s, clean and press was one motion
  1. 3 sets of
  • 10 parallel back extensions with 60lbs held at chest
  • 20 weighted step ups, alternating legs using 50lb dbs to high bench
  1. 2 sets of
  • 30 hanging knee raises with 25lb db held at feet
  • 1:00 side stepping with red band doubled around ankles and 2x 50lb kbs in the front rack position
  1. 4x12 reverse hypers, building to a heavy 12, heavier than last week
  • 290lbs, 310lbs, 330lbs, 350lbs

3 sets for time of

  • 40 walking lunges
  • 10 sumo deadlifts standing on bumpers using 100lb kb
    Time: 6:30

Okay workout. Slept like shit the night before and going through a minor cold. Still hit a PR squat since having leg/back injuries, top set felt good but did not push it to a super grinder.

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