Conjugate System

I decided to open a log too, so here it is. It has one function to remind me to work hard and to push the limit.
Zercher Squat 3 RM 125kg
Bench Press 1 RM 160kg
Deadlift 1 RM 200kg

Mini Workout

Banded hamstring curls horizontal maybe 100 total reps


Lat Pulldown 55kg Close v Grip 25reps
Tate Presses 10kg 20 reps
Rear Delt Cable pulls 25 reps 15 kg
3 rounds

Speed Bench Style 1
6 sets of 3 65kg+ 25 kg in chains

-Flat bench feet up 60kg 3 sets constant tension
-Tricep decline extensions 3 sets 12kg rest -pause
-wide grip cable seated rows x kg 4 sets of 15 reps
-Low pulley rows to stomach 80kg 4 sets
-Lat pulldowns ultra wide grip 55 kg 3 sets
-Dumbbell neutral shoulder press 14er 1 min duration constant tension
3 sets (3rd with 10kg)
-Tricep pushdowns 3-5 sets or so
-Dumbbell decline 5kg “bench” 200 total reps or whatever

Problems :
After heavy dips my left pec hurts maybe scar tissue ?
My left wirst is injured and hurts in certain angles.

Mini Workout
Tricep Extensions 12kg lying on the ground normal rep style probably 80 total reps per arm, many sets 8-15 reps , short pause


maybe I should rename this log to "how to be a weak little bit ch "?

-leg curls 30kg for 330 in between an ab machine
-one legged Hyperextensions 2
20 in between hip thrusters 20 reps

-3 RM rack pulls below knee with 2 bands = 30kg tension or so , 140,150,160,165 kg 3 reps

  • 3RM wide stance squats 100kg,110,120,125kg 2 reps last one with little help

Round back stiff leg deadlift 30kg 48
Chest supported t-bar rows 45kg 4 sets of 10-20 reps
Same exercises now other grip 3 sets of 10-15
Reverse Hackeschmidtsquats 55kg 3
Hyperextensions 2 sets

Have you considered cutting down on the work? You obviously seem extremely motivated, but having such excessive amounts of volume may be hurting your progress. For example, no one does two max effort exercises (they’re redundant and you should be tired/stiff from the first), I normally feel too beat up to even want to touch a barbell again in the workout after ME work.

Thanks for your input, it’s appreciated. Yes i was not 100% today, whether something is excessive volume depends on the GPP and SPP of that person(I believe). Now I do think that I tend to do too much work (probably need to cut volume like you said) and that performing two such draining max efforts is more of an exception than a normal day. However I disagree with “no one does two ME variants on 1 day”. I believe sometimes it’s necessary (depending on the person) for various reasons. I mean what do you do in a meet if you are a powerlifter?

Mini Workout

Tricep Overhead single arm extensions 12kg 3 sets pro side 12 reps
Forearm rollers 3 sets

D.E. Effort Day, Volume for Squat
10 sets x2 reps x 50% of your squat

M.E. LowerDay Volume for M.E. exercise
No more than 60% of D.E. days volume. In one exercise.

Regulating the volume on M.E. day is a huge part of the program.

@flatsfarmer thanks for your input ! :slight_smile:

Box Jumps 80-90 cm 5 sets of 8 reps

Any time man!

Over doing the M.E. day was the most recent way that I screwed up the conjugate system myself.

There is one specific article where Louie mentions how everything is set up off the D.E. volume. All the other times, he just kind of mentions that P guy’s (prepprelin?) chart.

MAX EFFORT UPPER Week 3 19.04.2016

I was again not with my A game in the gym, feeling weak, the same mistake that I do over and over again. Too much work. Week 4 will be my deload week and then a new 3 week wave.

-Rear Delt Raises 3kg 30-40 reps
-cable tricep overhead extensions 20 reps
-Lat pulldown 60kg

3 rounds

3RM hard close grip floor press 100,110,120, 130

Incline tricep extensions 20kg 3 sets 8 reps
Decline tricep extensions 20kg 3 sets 8 reps
50 chin/pull ups
Cable rows 4 sets 70kg 10 reps


Yes he mentions the p…(preplin?) chart often. I think his guys do 75-80-85% on speed work at the lock out, however other guys like Matt wenning use way lower percentages for speed work 30-35-40+ some bands / chains depending on the speed. What I also never understood is what kind of waves they use. I think they use a speed strength wave and a strength speed wave (2 weeks?).

Man, it can get confusing. All the different numbers, and who said what, when. Plus, different lifters have tweaked things too. I think the basic idea is that after each 3 week wave you adjust something.

Different bars, or chains instead of bands.

It could be accumulation and then intensification. Storm the Beach lays it out pretty well in “The Westside Method Thread.”

Another way could be like 5x5 With 60% then 65% then 70% no bands or chains for D.E. day. The next wave could be like 12x2 With 65%, 70%, and then 10x2 With 75% week 3.

Also, you could give Wendlers program a shot for 6 weeks, or 2 waves.

Wendler came through Westside. His program is set up in 3 week cycles. You do one “thing” for awhile, then you switch. The assistance exercises rotate. The “periodization bible template” and the “simple strength template” lay everything out really nice. They have guidelines for how much of each kind of work to do. And as long as you are improving on your man 5/3/1 sets, you know you have everything balanced correctly.

After a few more guided cycles, you’ll be able to set things up better in the future.

I really don’t like 5/3/1 and I also don’t like the westside method thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Triceps extensions 4 sets 20 reps
Forearm curls

You don’t follow them because you like them, you follow them so you can learn how much work to do, and how to set up the waves. Without a coach on hand to teach you, you need to follow the directions until you learn.

But I try to learn :sweat:

Mini workout band tricep pushdowns 100 reps or so

Dynamic Effort LOWER BODY Week 3

-good mornings empty barbell 20reps
–standing crunches
-low pulley rows
3 rounds

-speed box squats 70kg 6 sets of 2
-speed deadlifts 70kg+ 2 bands(30kg) 6 sets of 1+1

-leg curls 4sets of 8 reps (cluster )
-seated rows 100kg 3 sets of 15 reps
-dumbbell shrugs 26er 3 sets
-reverse hackeschmitt hinge 15kg,30,45,60,75kg 20 reps

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Looks like you follow Matt Wenning’s advice to set up your program?