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Conjugate Method

I was explaining to a local colleges’ Strength and Conditioning Coach (He is a CSCS) that I use the Conjugated Method. He does a traditional 4 week Hypertrophy, 4 week Strength, 4 week Power program he said because he is trying to achieve Power from his athletes. I am curious what you all usually tell/explain the nay sayers of the conjugate method?

Dude tell them to read the periodization bible 1&2.

I’ve read about Westside and the conjugate method for a long time. However, it was recently that I started using it thanks to Joe DeFranco’s WS4SB 2. I really liked how it was set up (with one day for strongman training).

All the “templates” I’ve seen for Westside have been for powerlifting. And I didn’t feel that some of the recommendations would help me with some of my goals. Now that I see how the standard template can be altered, I absolutely love it. I put a small blog about it on MySpace as well.

To explain the conjugate method to others (as simply as possible), I tell them that it’s a method of training multiple strength qualities at the same time (strength, speed, size) so you don’t lose those qualities over time like you would during a linear (Western) periodizatin program. Also, you have to let the results speak for themselves in most cases.

Ask him what the teams track record is in terms of getting the gym work to apply to the field. If the team lacks speed and injuries happen often then tell him he sucks. This will be evident if other teams outrun, push them around, and are not tired and beat up afterward.

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