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Conjugate Method Squats

Friday (DE lower)
8x2 155+minis around plate
worked up to 275 for a free squat double (left leg was starting and my hips were swaying back and forth)
4x15 ab rollouts
3x10 1Lsldl
4x10 band back extensions

Last time I tested a low bar narrow stance squat, I got 305 nearly twice on a terrible day a couple months ago. After the DE work, I did free squats in my strongest stance (fairly wide) and 275 was a struggle in the hole, no pop at all along with the aforesaid problem. This is a weight about 3 months ago, I got 8 reps.

***So the main question is… Is it normal to have a drastic drop off in strength after DE squats?

Why were you trying to work up to a max on a DE workout anyways?

[quote]crashcrew56 wrote:
Why were you trying to work up to a max on a DE workout anyways?[/quote]

+1 Some people work up on DE day, but they stay below 90%. They don’t try to max. Maxing is for ME day.

That number was way below 90% of my best squat in the past 3 months… it just felt a hell of a lot harder… I was wondering if that’s normal or not. I probably had one more rep in me, but I didn’t want to strain too much because it was a DE day.

I worked up to what I though would be an easy triple because I’ve read that it’s sometimes good to work up to one in a fatigued state.