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Conjugate Crossfit

Hi Coach, after reading all the stuff you’ve written about the Neuro typing training (which I find fascinating) I’m pretty sure I’m a mix of type 1 and type 2 leaning a bit more toward type 1. I don’t do as well with higher volume and I love going fast and heavy. I also love variety in exercises. In the past when I was training at a Crossfit Gym I was having the most fun I’ve ever had in my training. After 1 year I quit because I wasn’t getting any stronger maximally on the big 4 which is a top priority for me. I saw that you recently came out with a Conjugate Bodybuilding program to buy and I’m wondering if you’ve considered making a Conjugate Crossfit program to purchase focusing on strength as a priority with all of the fun Metcon variety as well. Thanks

Well, considering that there are two types 1 and two types 2 (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B) that doesn’t tell me much. But from your description you seem to be a type 2A or 1B.

Are you someone who is competitive? Do you NEED to win or is being good enough to be respected enough for you? Are you influenced by what other thinks of you? Do you always try to avoid conflicts?

No because Crossfit is not my area of expertise. I have worked with a lot of Crossift athletes but mostly to fix their olympic lifts or make them stronger.

If conjugate crossfit interests you, check out my good friend Jason Brown (boxprogramming.com). He is a specialist in the conjugate system (been to Westside several time and did their certification) while also being a Crossfit coach

Thanks for your reply coach. I’m competitive and enjoy winning but it’s not a need and being good enough to be respected is ok. I do tend to be concerned with what others think of me and I generally avoid conflicts. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check out your buddies stuff.

Ok, so you are a 2A, just like me and Jason Brown.

Ok thanks, I think I was confused because I don’t tolerate volume to well but all the other indicators are pointing to 2A.

2As can do volume when they are well rested but of all the neurotypes they are those who are the most affected by fiatigue. So when life stress increases, or they can’t sleep as well their capacity to tolerate volume drastically decreases

This explains a lot. Lately I’ve been dealing with bad sleep due to sleep apnea. I’m excited to get that sorted out and see how I can push my volume up. Thanks again coach!

is it possible for a 2A to train 2x a day ? and how will u set this up ?

With a 2A everything works, but nothing works for long. They can train 2x per week but only for 2-3 weeks.

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