Conjugate Bodybuilding Program, Week 4 Corrections

Hey CT,
On week 4 of the ‘Conjugate Bodybuilding Program’ on Monday Lower Body Max for exercise B, in ‘Sets’ it says ‘ramp’ and in ‘Reps’ it says ‘4’… Does this mean to do a 4RM or is the Sets column wrong? And for DB Reay Delts Raise it has 2 x 4, is this correct having the low reps of 4 for this exercise?

Finally in week 4 on Tuesday, Double Stimulation, the rest periods are not present, what are they?

Thanks for the help,

Yes ramp to a 4RM, weird about the rear delts… do sets of 10-12… rest periods should be mostly by feel anyway, 75-90 sec is as low as I would go