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Conjoined Twins in Bodybuilding


If one twin competes as a natty, and the other starts taking steroids, does the natty one have to give up natty contests?


Even weirder...what if one of them's gay but they only have one ass?


Boy/girl: girl is DTF but boy is 'not that into her'.

They sleep in the same bed, shower together, etc. (obv)

What happens next?


Ooh! Three dogs are connected human centipede style.

And they don't mind too much because dogs like eating shit.


One likes chocolate.

The other likes peanut butter.

How long before their life becomes a commercial?


They have one dick, but they both have to piss like, emergency badly.

How do they decide who gets to piss first?


I always thought it funny in that old commercial where they guy is walking down the street with a chocolate bar and the other guy has a jar of peanut butter and they bump into each other.
Chocolate bar guy? OK...but who walks down the street eating peanut butter???


The year is 1975.

A pair of conjoined twins is born, miraculously, on top of a wall in Berlin.


Professor X during Black History Month.


^^ Funniest possible to answer to three decimal points!