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Congressmen Confirm: Banks Own America


"Last month, the number two ranking Democrat in the Senate, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), said: "Frankly, banks own the place."

Now, Collin Peterson, Chairman of the Agriculture Committee, is saying the same thing.

â??The banks run the place,â?? Peterson told the New York Times in Mondayâ??s editions. â??I will tell you what the problem is â?? they give three times more money than the next biggest group. Itâ??s huge the amount of money they put into politics.â??


So its time to simply admit that we are all slaves now, that elections are simply play acting to appease the ignorant masses, and seek positions of power within the oligarchy. We are simply a kinder gentler version of North Korea.


Who would have ever thought.

Tho I believe it is the politicians who own the banks. They are the creators of the Federal Reserve.

The banks would never commit suicide inflating the currency like this.


..welcome to reality!


Um yeah, duh. Unless you don't have any debt the bank owns your ass.


Oh, and um, yeah, they own your spouses ass too!


we agree