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Congress in Our Lives Again/Supplement Bill


the above link is to write your representive more legaslation pending to limit dietary supplements


It blows my mind that anything that builds muscle is a steriod and steroids are illegal. According to my congressman. Yet all this other unhealthy crap is legal, you can smoke, drink alcohol, ride a motorcycle without a helmet, but I can't shoot up some roids if I choose to.

Then you get into the whole foods thing, Soy, Transfats, HFCS, Fast food in general, White Bread. There are so many things that are proven to be horrible for you yet those are all fine.

Man if you want to put on some muscle your treated like the devil and public enemy #1.. WTF is going on. Are they afraid we will get all big and come to Washington and start kicking their asses?

I've contacted all my legislators already and all of them responded in the same way. They are looking out for my welbeing by keeping these dangerous "steroids" out of my hands.

They do have one point about suppliments, there is no regulation to ensure the quality of what your getting, I can somewhat understand this but it the answer is to ban the shit, they stay the hell away from it.


Supplements will ultimately be banned, but it's because the companies continually promote untested/harmful ingredients, and make outrageous claims in their ads.

Something's gotta give.


It's the reptiles running out country. They want all of us to be weak and emaciated so that their invasion is swift and easy.


Invasion? Zombie apocalypse.
Where'd the lizards come from? Are they in league with the zombies?

Those of us who have been blessed by His Noodly Appendage are safe from such mortal trials.


Glad to see everyone's taking this seriously.....



I think it is as much the companies fault as it is the legelators thinking they need to control every aspect of our lives.. When you see 50 different fat burners on the shelf and you know non of them do anything it is bad.


I think everyone should take this bill seriously, I have heard some info from other people on it. I work at Vitamin Shoppe, a supplement and sports nutrition store, and the threat to places like where I work is real, if you dont want to have to make a visit to the doctor to be able to take creatine and protein supplements, or to just take Zinc for a sore throat! write your congressman! The bottom line on this bill is money, more in the FDAs pocket, so everyone do their best to make this bill disappear!(keeping my job would also be nice, LOL)