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Congratulations to Roger Federer


What a wonderful win for a superb sportsman. I've been pulling for him for many years now, and to see him finally capture the French Open was magnificent. He deserved it.


I didn't think Federer could win it anymore. Props to him, he's always a class act.



Its great that we get to watch Federer in his prime. Its likely that he will go down in history as the greatest player who ever lived.


Shame he didn't get the chance to do it against Rafa. Take nothing away from Roger though, a great champion..probably the best tennis has ever seen. Does anybody else notice that he looks a good 10 lbs lighter from earlier in his career


He's definitely not "swole," but the grace he displays out on that court is beautiful. I feel grateful, as some posters above said, to be able to watch Mr. Federer in his prime. He's now in the same athletic category as Babe Ruth, Mohammed Ali and Michael Jordan.


Damn impressive. Made the final look like a cakewalk.

Now also holds the all time record for no. of Slams along with Sampras.
I really hope he pulls off a Grand Slam in the next couple of years would be great for the sport of tennis as a whole.


Also stumbled upon this:


Saw the match and yeah, he didn't seem to have much trouble. It's great to see him finally get the French, and hopefully he wins Wimbledon this year as well. I want to see him reclaim best player in the world status (so he's got to beat Rafa).


Congrats to R-Fed. Showing he is one of the GOAT's of tennis.

And I may not have read it, but I'm glad people aren't saying "if it wasn't for Nadal losing, he wouldn't have won." Yes, granted Roger lost four straight French Open Finals to Rafa (including last year's final, which was the best tennis match and probably one of the best sporting events I've ever seen in my life, and Roger is my favorite tennis player and I'm bummed he lost that epic battle), but he had to rally down 2-1 sets in his semifinal match to even get to the finals, then made quick work of Soderling.

Truly a great player and a good person. Respect.


I believe you are referring to last year's Wimbledon final, not the French final. Mr. Federer was decimated in straight sets last year in the French final, though I believe he was still reeling from his bout with mononucleosis earlier in the year.

I agree with your main point though: no one with any sense should seek to diminish the magnitude of Mr. Federer's accomplishment this year. You can't blame him for Mr. Nadal losing; it's not his fault Mr. Nadal lost before the finals. I love watching Mr. Federer play and I believe he is the greatest to ever pick up a tennis racket.


During the match I thought I heard the play by play guys talking about some kind of knee problem that Nadal seems to be dealing with, and that they are doing some kind of tests. They said it may have had a hand in his early (for him) exit in the French (I didn't see the match that he lost). Hopefully that doesn't disrupt the chance of a rematch at Wimbledon.


I heard this as well. Rafael Nadal has, already in his young career, dealt with more injury problems than Roger Federer has in a much greater span of time. Considering Mr. Nadal's agressive style of play, it is no wonder that he is prone to injury. I wish Mr. Nadal the best and hope to watch the premier rivalry in sports reach its natural conclusion. I would hate for such a brilliant conflict to end due to an injury to either man.

That being said, John McEnroe stated a few times on Sunday that he believed Mr. Nadal might have pulled out of Queen's for psychological reasons, rather than anything physical.


Federer is a classy man. Its too bad that there was ZERO coverage of the tennis over here. Absolute bullshit.

While he still may not be No.1, Federer is still playing at peak level. People need to give him more credit when he loses a final, its still impressive to make it that far. There has been some impressive tennis though, namely the 08 Wimbledon final. I read that Nadal may not even make it there this years, depending on the extent of his injuries.


Yes I meant Wimbledon, my apologies. Thank you for the correction.

Yeah Federer is awesome, him and Sampras are my two fav tennis players of all time. And thank you for clarifying what I was thinking, even if Nadal loses, that doesn't guarantee Federer will even make it to the Finals, let alone win (which thankfully, he did this year). The way he beat Soderling was so dominant, it seemed like he was playing on grass haha.

And regarding Nadal's knee injuries, I know he is getting his knees checked out back home and says he will be ready for Wimbledon, which I hope he is. And I agree with the points made that Rafa has sustained more injuries over his career at this point than Federer. Maybe it has something to do with Rafa being a clay specialist, and clay is not very forgiving on the joints.


I liked Soderling's speech after he lost when he talked about how no one could beat him 10 times in a row.


I always thought that clay would be easier on the joints than hard courts or grass, or am I mistaken? I don't play tennis so I'm not sure.