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Congratulations to Joe Wilson...


For refusing to apologize on the floor of the house. A true "Fuck You" to Pelosi and the rest of her cronies in the house, and basically to Obama and the rest of the libs too.

He is a conservative and without a doubt one of the good guys. His views are spot on with Demint and the rest of the true conservatives in congress.

http://www.joewilsonforcongress.com/ Here is his site where you can read about his views and donate if you'd like. I just gave 20 bucks.

Keep this guy in office people.


I agree. I thought he was outta line on the floor of the house, but he apologized for that. I would have been disappointed if he succumbed to groveling before these hypocrites.


He's a party line Republican. He voted for health care coverage for illegals in 2003 and changed his stance this year.

I'd put money on this whole thing being little more than a political stunt.

He called people with the (historically accurate) opinion that US actions in the 1980's were responsible for Saddam Hussein's rise to power in Iraq "America haters".

Jim Demint is also not a "true conservative". He expressed opinions that single mothers and homosexuals should not be allowed to teach in public schools, and like Wilson holds firmly to the stance that the federal government should have a say in the legality of people's personal lives.

These aren't conservatives, they're republicans. Big difference.


He's a Politician, pandering to a segment of his constituency, whose is in the fight of his Life in 2010 in his district.

He better hope he can milk his 15 minutes that long...



He apologized to Obama...it's the House that feels an apology is warranted for them as well. I don't blame him for not apologizing a second time when he already made it right with Obama.


Exactly, and I'd be saying the same thing if the tables were turned. We can't have a free for all in our governmental bodies no matter who goes off half cocked, but this crap was a clear attempt at political thumb screwing.


Yup. And then that shiteater Jimmy Carter said the guy was racist. I wanted to slap his old ugly face as hard a possible for saying such race-baiting evil shit.

To libs, criticisizing a black guy in any format is racism. Fucking old scumbucket...


Pelosi admonishing anyone for being rude, after her tirades during the Bush years, is comical and nothing more then political farce.

If the Democrats keep her as speaker after the expected losses in 2010 they are fools.


Harry Reid is already in trouble in Nevada, it is already starting.


I think he is gone. He made enemies with the newspapers. His leadership is a lighting rod for what is wrong with government.


Reid has had the singularly most abrupt and dramatic drop in his state polls that I have ever heard of.


Crazy idea I am gonna throw out there...

Does anyone think Wilson might have a chance at a presidential run in '12? With his display of what I view to be, standing up against further dishonesty from the current president, could it be a platform to launch a candidacy?


He has raised almost 2 million in the last few days.



He's fighting to survive against a Decorated Marine (Iraq Veteran) in his District. He may win because his district is "older" ; but its anticipated to be a VERY close race. That is why I say he was coddling to a certain segment of his constituency.

Also; don't mistake an opportunistic Politician with a smart one; or one that could even get out of his party's Primary Race.

Is one thing to flip-off the President and get a "FUCK YEAH!!!" from his followers; its another to withstand the scrutiny and grind of a National race.



And he'll need every last cent of it to use against the Marine...



Of course not. He shouted out disagreement with the President when no one was expecting it - that is all he has done. He didn't doing anything courageous - he just did something reflexive and rude, even if you agree with his point.

If that is all it takes to be vaulted into contention for the presidency, we are doomed.


not sayin your wrong, i dont know the particulars, but miller did lose during an election cycle when everyone, even hard core republicans, were hatin republicans. Why do you think that the climate of 2008 will be reflected in 2010?


Good question.

It's old, but true. 3 months is an eternity on Politics; 1-2 years is absolutely impossible to predict.

I have no idea what all the dick-waving occuring today will translate into in 2010 and then 2012.

However, I DO think things will ride more on the economy than ideology.



Agreed, his shout out was a calculated political move to ingratiate himself with the pissed off tea party crew. The sad part is while all these party Republicans are jumping on the band wagon with the tea parties, those dipshits are believing their sincerity.

Again, it's still all important. The tea party crowd is going to have to get suckered a few dozen more times before figuring things out.