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Congratulations Penn State Wrestling

3rd straight Big Ten Championship for Penn State. Up next: nationals.

Nice! A three peat NCAA team championship would be amazing.

Cael Sanderson for Pope!

I think he can do it.

he had one of the greatest coaches in his own career during college
of Bobby Douglas

Cael is an excellent coach and a great recruiter. Obviously it’s a lot easier for him to recruit because he’s Cael fucking Sanderson and many wrestlers would dive through burning hoola hoops over shark-infested waters while being shot at by an AK-47 to wrestle for the only undefeated four time D1 national champ. He manages to get some of the most talented kids in the country into his program (i.e. David Taylor, Ed Ruth), and, being a great coach with an excellent assistant coaching staff, gets so much mileage out of all this talent. I definitely see a three peat coming this year. I know it’s still a little (or more than a little) early to say, but if Cael keeps the program going the way it is I could definitely see Penn State in this decade being what Iowa was in the 80s and 90s.