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Congrats to Spock 81


For anyone who's not aware she got her driver's license the other day and I just wanted to say I'm proud of her. Life has been an uphill battle (especially lately) and I think this is a major change for the better for her and her son.



I was under the impression she didn't really read this site anymore since her last thread went south?




I still have never had a driver's license.


What happened?


Really? Why not?

She started a thread asking for advice about a guy, got some good advice but ignored all of it, and in the aftermath of that somebody brought up her son and she got real upset about that and I don't believe she's posted since.




Couldn't this have just gone into her thread?


Well I don't know who spock 81 is but I congratulate her. Next month I finally get my license back. The magistrate wasn't too impressed with me driving 155mph in a 60 zone.


I made myself a salad for the first time today.



I'll take the bullet.

I didn't bring up her son, but I finished it.

Someone with better internet skills can link to it.


That's Rock'n Rolla.


You all can say what you want, but I was actually interested to hear this.


lmao right on.


I brought the son into the discussion. I'm glad to hear she's doing well.


Agree. Nothing wrong with hearing some good news about a person trying to get their life moving forward.

And for the wizeguy(s) above, the OP knows her (and might be the one who taught her to drive iirc) in real life so it's not an interwebz thing.


Well, if that happens if we piss her off, I hope she comes back so that we can piss her off some more.


I don't think you can take full blame, that thread was a train wreck from the start. It was only a matter of time, really.
Think her last post ever is on that page.


FTR I liked her - until the umpteenth cry for attention thread.


kind of annoying how she typed like a 12 year old...