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Congrats to Ref Russell Mora for Victory Over Agbeko


Oh, and I guess I should throw a little love to Abner Mares for taking the title with an outstanding offense of fouls.



downloading the fight, seems it was a good slugfest, going to give my input soon.


It was a good fight except for the the low blows and the incompetent ref. I normally think Jim Grey is a dick but I love that he made sure to interview Mora before he had a chance to leave the ring after the fight. Mora is either totally incompetent or he was paid off!


Yeah that was complete b.s. reffing, he must have been in golden boy's pocket on that one. I didnt see Mares

fight with vic darchinyan(sp) but sounds like he went low numerous times in that one as well and the ref

should have been watching for it.


The refereeing and the low blows really spoiled the fight. I simply didn't - couldn't - enjoy watching it.

And while I never thought for one moment that Mares was punching low on purpose, his reason/explanation for the low blows didn't cut it - if he is such a vaunted body puncher, if that's what he likes to do, then he should make his shots legal even more so...

I'm going to watch Corrales and Castillo again. They managed it. So should Mares...


Great fight, appalling referee, extremely questionable result. 3 point swing in the eleventh + bogus knockdown + 2 point deduction + advantage of several low blows = you do the math.

At the same time, what was stopping Agbeko from dropping in some heavy low blows/elbows/headbutts of his own? If the referee isn't helping you, you better be helping yourself. Agbeko showed tremendous heart battling through severe pain right in the gonadial region. But he also could have saved himself some punishment and several children simply by pulling a Ricky Hatton.

I wonder if Mora was trying to make up for the ruining Katsidis momentum in the Guerrero fight. He took a point off Katsidis for some totally legit bodywork and there was much consternation from the talking heads ringside. Now he appears to be blind to blatantly low shots. Anyway, if he hasn't got the eye, he shouldn't be reffin high profile fights.


Agreed; it's an old rule that if the guy is repeatedly fouling you, intentionally or not, you throw a little back his way.

I thought Agbeko showed incredible professionalism and restraint given he had a dirty fighter in front of him and a screw-up ref beside him. He might just be a good guy who won't stoop to cheating even if the opponent will, or perhaps he felt the deck was so stacked against him he couldn't risk giving the ref an excuse to deduct more points or disqualify him.

At one point there was an accidental collision of heads due to both fighters leaning in -- the ref chastised Agbeko. I thought that said everything, and Agbeko probably did, too.


Possible justice?

IBF orders a rematch:


Apparently Mora has been taken off the big fight scene as well. Bonus.

Of course, Mares could just relinquish the belt and look for a big payday against Nonito Donaire. Don't really see that happening though.