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Congrats to Powda


Congrulations to me! I did my first over 400lb pull today (4 plates for 405). Granted it was a Sumo Deadlift and I did not propel myself with my legs enough...but I still did it!
I did manage a regular 385lb pull afterwards though :slight_smile:

My bench has dropped off though...from doing 345 easily before...to not being able to manage 335 before

My squat went down a bit too...I tried 385 and went to deep and got stuck. 365 (my old max) I missed too.

Oh well...Post V-Diet Blues


As long as you locked it out and didn't hitch, it's a good lift.

Nice work.


I locked it out; my legs just fired up before my shoulders went back. I didn't round my spine though.


Doesn't Deadlifting rule?


Congrats dude! That's my goal for the end of the year and boy do I have a lot of work to do.