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Congrats to Our Very Own Jack Reape

Jack’s not a bragger, so he won’t tell everyone that he made the USAPL top 20 for 2006.

He placed in the top 5 for 242 40-44 in all categories.

The old man also made the top twenty in the open 242.

Very impressive Jack. Keep up the good work. Hope to c-ya soon, Jeff

More to come. Nice job, Jack.

Congrats, inspiring effort, all the best.

holy shit congratulations!!!

Awesome. congratulations, Jack.

Congrats Jack, keep it up.

Outstanding Jack!

Until i go elite, i can only carry Jeff’s bag. Then there will be another goal, like 600 in the BP. Long ago i realized i would never be satisfied with what i do, so i enjoy the trip to getting there more than i enjoy the arrival at the next goal.

Thanks though.


Congratulations, Jack! That’s awesome!

Congrats Jack and good luck hitting elite.

Cheers! Really liked Jack’s last article on T-Nation and look forward to more in the future.

Awesome work, man. You’re most definetly an inspiration.


Congrats for the feat of strength with your muscles. Congrats for the feat of strength with your character. Many people flaunt their minor achievements ad nauseum, to the point that the bad of their bragging far outweighs the good of their accomplishment.

For someone to smile silently until someone else brings up their victory, remaining in the shadows in the thrill of the victory for a major accomplishment, well, that takes some kind of class.

AWESOME work Jack you deserve it for the hard work you put in

an inspiration for sure


Congrats Jack!

Congrats Jack!!!