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Congrats to My Wife!!!


Okay, long story short (not that short). As I mentionned a while ago my wife was pregnant. Sadly she lost the baby at the 8 weeks mark (oddly it happened the day after she received the H1N1 vaccine). During those weeks (and some months prior) she had gained a lot of weight.

Obviously at the termination of the pregnancy she was not only shaken psychologically, she hated how she looked.

She has never been someone to love training, so she had her work cut out for her.

Well in 10 weeks she lost 28lbs and she can start to see decent abdominal definition.

But the best part is that now she loves training!

I've had clients lose more than 28lbs in 10 weeks in the past. But it's not like my wife was 400lbs to begin with, she didn't have that much to lose. But I am especially proud of the fact that she completely changed her life habits.

  • She never trained for more than 4 weeks straight in her life, and at best those sessions were what I would call ''social gym experience time''.

  • She has, let's just say, a good capacity to throw down food and LOVES good (tasting) food.

  • She was keen on drinking a few glasses of wine at the evening meal. 3 glasses or so = roughly 500-600 calories and inhibits fat use for energy while it is in the system.

  • She LOVED comfort food (her favorite being chips and popcorn)

So going from THAT lifestyle to what she is doing now is quite an accomplishment.

She is now strength training 5 times a week (sometimes 6) using a combo of the HTH principles (explosive lifting), strongman stuff (tire flips, prowler pushing, sled dragging) and jumps.

In fact, she served as the guinea pig for the HTH fat loss program we are working on ... :wink:

She is also eating an almost perfect diet, and it isn't even an effort anymore.

She limits her wine ''tasting'' to 2-3 glasses on Saturdays.

Congrats Bebe Ge!!!


Congrats to MRS CT.......thats awesome, tell her we all wish the her the very best!!


Sorry to hear about the loss of the baby. I am at odds about the H1N1 shot. I am glad to see she is doing better. Sorry once again for your loss .


That's inspiring! She's lucky to have a great coach and a lot of motivation.

Sorry to hear about the baby, hope you are both recovering well.

This serves as a perfect example for my own wife. Gotta get her to read this...


Thats awesome.

Now, send her over to my house to teach my wife how to eat properly. She trains hard, and is naturally thin, so she can eat whatever she wants (and will at any given moment!). Makes it very difficult for me to stick to my diet.

Cant wait to see the HTH fat loss program, any idea of when it might appear?

About the H1N1, I was forced to recieve the shot (Military) and I coincidentally got pretty sick with something the following week.


That's fantastic! 28 pounds in 10 weeks is nothing to sneeze at!


THat much weight loss in 10 weeks in an accomplishment for anyone! Good stuff Christian.



HTH fat loss program?

I just know this is going to appear after the summer when I need it most!

Good job though to your wife!


Pic's or it didn't happen. Come on CT you should know how these boards work!

Just kidding. Congrats on your wife's transformation! I'm sure you two have bonded like never before with your professional teachings and her new love for fitness.


Pictures or it never happened. Preferably in a bikini.

I'm just kidding, but you probably figured that out. Really she overcame two obstacles - the psychological trauma of losing a child, for which I offer my deepest sympathies, and the weight gain. She is truly a strong person, worthy of the name Mrs. Thib. I am happy for both of you.


Actually we are going on vacation next week, so it could happen.


Well I'm glad that she likes training now and is understanding the discipline necessary to get results. But I really don't want to develop a coach-athlete relationship instead of an husband-wife one... been there, done that, bought the t-shirt!


wow, congrats to your wife CT ! 28lbs in 10 weeks woah :stuck_out_tongue: I would be happy if my girlfriend would have the same attitude as your wife :wink:

I wish you some great vacation to both of you :wink:


Yeesh if only i had seen you were considering the vaccine for your wife/she was.

It is NOT safe for pregnant women, regardless of which institute claims it is, there has been numerous cases with the exact same MO been reported.

I work with infectious diseases in the research side... i advised everyone i know not to get that vaccine, just is not worth it.

To your wife and you, my sincere condolences but hopefully her mind will be put at rest at the fact it had absolutely ZERO % to do with her, and it should not cause her to be more wary of trying again/

I feel really awkward advising or informing anyone on their personal lives, i hope you take it as a message of kindness and not some random internet person butting into yourself and your wifes lives.

It is very good to see she has transformed herself, and not succumbed to any host of depression related dis-orders she is to be highly commended on that point.

I wish you and your wife, many happy years together i missed the thread where you got married it seems.

Kindest Regards.


I'm very sorry for your loss.

Congrats to your wife for these fantastic results! Very impressive and I'm happy to hear that your wife is doing better.

Hope you still gonna be dad one day. The world need a little hulk...


Sorry for your loss of your child my prays will be with you guys. Awesome work on her part recovering the way she did and for how you guys handled the situation. Keep it up !


I told her NOT to get it. My brother is a medical doctor and he told her to get it.

Guess I lost the credibility battle!


I can't put into words my condolences. But as far as the H1N1 vaccine goes, we have had several pregnant women at my hospital that did not get the vaccine that got very sick and died. The H1N1 flu seems to attack pregnant women in a wicked way.


They must have had an underlying dis-order, diabetes and heart disease would be the main 2 where a woman would have to gamble with taking the shot, for a typical healthy pregnant woman... then hell no should she have gotten it.

As you would know.. i'm unsure of your status in the hospital system but pregnancy weakens a womanâ??s immune system, so that sheâ??s more likely to suffer pneumonia when she catches the flu. That would account for most of the deaths, if it was my girlfriend who was pregnant i'd have locked her in the bedroom or followed her everywhere. Good food and proper sleep would negate alot of the risk, however everyone knows most people's current "good food" is Mc Donalds !

But anyway this is not an appropriate place for such a discussion, especially where the husband is one of the main contributors and nicest person one could wish to have to ask questions. Out of respect i shall leave the topic be.

Again best wishes to you and yours Christian,



The problem I have is that all the tests about the safety of the vaccine on pregnant women were conducted with women in their 2nd and 3rd trimester. No test was conducted in women during their first semester. Heck, the doctor advise against taking aspirin, tylenol, etc.