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Congrats to matty

My little brother Matty, a second grader, took 2nd place today at his wrestling tournament. Well some of you might be saying “wow second place, it’s not first” but, when the tournament was with people his weigh in middle school (6-8th grade) I think that is a pretty good accomplish ment.

He’s 9 years old, 152 pounds, and 5’4". Look for him in the NFL in a couple of years. The kid is the fastest and biggest kid in his grade by far. He doesn’t even get winded when playing sports. go figure.

hes 5’4" in second grade? Maybe we should look for him in the NBA dude. I was 5’4" in like 6th or 7th grade and im 6’1" now.

wtf dude? do you have him on mag-10 or something? 150 fucking lbs at 9 years old! this dudes a freakkkk! there are 30 year olds that are 6’2 on this site that weigh less than that.

we want pics.

oh and im gonna go ahead and just call photoshop now, to get it out of the way.

I’ll post you a pic of him without his face in the picture because i don’t want his face going around the net. He’s not lean but he’s thick as hell.

Here he is. I’d consider the genes in my family to be pretty strong except my middle brother. He’s tall too but no muscles. The youngest (who’s in the pic) can bench 75 for 6 reps at age 9.

holy shit shaquelle oneil mustve pissed in your family’s gene pool, you think he’ll be taller than you? (6’5")

Wierd hair must be a family gene thing. Way to go Matt. Now kick you brother’s skinny butt!

Yeah man i was like 5’8" 165 in 8th grade ha. Then i got fat 6’ 230 in 11th. and leand out to 6’4" 195 and now im 6’5" 245

Good god.

Wait a second. Why is a 9 year old in second grade? Get him out of the gym and have him hit the books.

He’s right before the dealine or something. He never got left back or anything and he doesn’t lift weights but, he does eat. He’s actually pretty smart, loves to read and shit like that.

bobo time to get him on a training program. I can’t beleive he’s only in 2nd grade, 9years old and he’s 5’4" 154lbs. I am 5’4" 145lbs at 31. Jeez thats going to be one big motherf@#er ;).

In Health,

Silas C

I don’t know if you were just joking about the NFL comment, but if you weren’t, go over to elitefts and look for an article called ‘The developement of the russian conjugate sequence’ or something like that. It’s written by Tom Myslinsky, who is a really smart guy by the way. You should read all his stuff. Anyway, the article shows how the soviets raised their youth so as to create superior athletes, and could definitely help your little brother.

Warning: it’s NOT easy reading,

The more I look at this, the more freaked out I get. I teach mostly 6th graders, and very few are that big. My daughter is 9 in fourth grade and weighs less than 50 pounds and stands less than 4 ft.

doogie he beat 3, 6th graders and lost to a 7th grader by point (9-4), not even a pin. All in the same weight class.

Kids that are even 8 years old should be in grade 4 or 5. Have the kid hit the books before he hits the mats…

Kids that are even 8 years old should be in grade 3 or 4. Have the kid hit the books before he hits the mats…

After reading this i asked my mom what grade he’s in he’s in 3rd, my bad guys. He’s still 9 though. He doesnt hit the weights yet, we were just seeing what he could do one day.

This would be freaky to me… if it wasn’t for a family I’m close to.

There’s a kid that is 12, he is 240 lbs. While he’s got quite a bit of chunk on him, he’s 5’11".

His younger brother who is 9, is 5’5" and about 120 lbs, but he’s much leaner. Plays more sports then his brother, yadda yadda.