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Congrats to GSP

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I honestly don’t get people who get worked up about this being a “spoiler”. It’s a friggin’ live event anyone can order on Pay-Per-View if seeing it means that much to them. Are we supposed to pretend like it never happened and wait until everyone gets around to watching it???

If it meant that much to you, figure out a way to watch it. Good Lord, this is like guys who tape football games and beg no one to tell them what happened.

Jesus, who’s getting worked up now?

I can understand discussing it in the UFC 65 thread, but the thread name is the spoiler.

Because every time there is one of these big fights, I’ve seen people get worked up over “spoilers” in thread titles. This isn’t giving away the ending to a movie… it’s a live sporting event.

So how is it spoiled if you didn’t bother to watch it live? I’m only getting “worked up” because you called the OP an asshole.[/quote]

Because it’s only live in the US of A. People in other countries won’t get to see this fight until a day or two later due to time zone conflicts. The same goes here for Pride FC events. Some Japanese poster got on after Final Conflict and posted “CRO COP WINS TOURNAMENT”, and several dozen people had the whole night ruined. It’s just general netiquette. If you see a thread is about a UFC or Pride event and you click on it, that’s your own fault. But spoiler thread titles are bad juju.

wow its really sad your all a bunch of huge sobbing vaginas, im ashamed that people like you watch MMA and participate on this forum if your going to be whiney bitches about a freaking post title… and if you cant watch or order the ppv GO DOWNLOAD THE FUCKING MATCH.

Great fight and very surprising - GSP is still young and he could be the champ for awhile, I don’t see Serra beating him when they fight, although I do see it as a better matchup for Serra, rather then fighting Hughes.

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wow its really sad your all a bunch of huge sobbing vaginas, im ashamed that people like you watch MMA and participate on this forum if your going to be whiney bitches about a freaking post title… and if you cant watch or order the ppv GO DOWNLOAD THE FUCKING MATCH. [/quote]

Noseguard, Kuz, Hit the Gym and you john-lennon are all inconsiderate people without any regard to anyone else on this forum. Yes, the title for this thread is a spoiler and yes it is wrong.

I come here to T-Nation for things other than MMA conversation. So when I saw the title of this thread as I was scrolling through the topics it pissed me off. Why? Because I had to work the weekend (you know some of us do that, we all don’t have 9 to 5, Mon-Fri jobs) and I wasn’t going to be able to watch the event live. It’s not as easy for all of us to reschedule our lives for a sporting event. So Sunday evening was my first opportunity to view it and now the Hughes-GSP fight is ruined for me.

And I’ll tell you why it’s ruined for me. One of you claimed it doesn’t ruin the match just because you know who wins. Yes it does because how am I suppose to get emotionally involved in the match now? Let’s say Hughes got an armbar on GSP or hit him with a good shot but I know GSP won the match. Because of that information I have, I then know that GSP is in no danger whatsoever and thus taking all the emotion and fun out of the match.

Think about that for any other sport or movie for that matter. Would Sixth Sense (Sorry for the outdated movie reference but I’m sure everyone has seen this and I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for anyone)be the same if you knew Bruce Willis was a ghost or would you be as hyped for the world series if you knew the Tigers had lost.

So next time you post, please have some courtesy for others. That is all.

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hit the gym wrote:
watch the fight idiots.

im from uk and i dont have cable to get ppv so stfu.[/quote]

So how were you going to see the fight?

Thanks for ruining the fight asshole. why not just say UFC 65 Recap spoilers? Do you get off on ruining fights for people?

Because its on tv right now.


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Thanks! It’s much better with sound.

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matticus wrote:

Thanks! It’s much better with sound.[/quote]

I know, I watched it earlier on youtube without any sound.

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That was freakin awesome! Hughes just seemed “off” from the moment the fight started. [/quote]

If by “off” you meant he was so cocky/arrogant that he didn’t think he was beat, then yes, he was “off.”

wow… if you get this worked up over a live sporting event please end your life. i cant imagine how you can handle the stress of everyday life having to interact with people telling you things you didnt know on a daily basis, it must be hell for you im sorry i appologize.

If you’re going to be a vagina about it then just sit at home covering your eyes and ears until you watch the damn fight. Don’t tell others they aren’t aloud to talk about it. By this logic am I not aloud to talk about it in public with a friend on the off chance that someone overhearing hasn’t seen the fight and doesn’t want it “spoiled”?

If you want to watch a fight and not know the outcome it should your responsibility to shield yourself from possible spoilers, not everyone else’s. I’m not your Fing parents and don’t care to protect yourself from the real world. So grow up and quit crying.

This may come as a shock to some of you, but internet message boards are not a good place to go after a live event, especially a message board which has extensively discussed the event, and sponsors the victorious competitor. Should it not be expected that comments will be made?

No, I think everyone should revolve around your scheduled theft when discussing MMA. From now on, let’s take a week off to ensure that everyone has ample time to scour Youtube. Remember Bushido 13, that’ll be the slogan.

The point of the Bushido reference is to point out the ridiculous nature of hoping for online silence for those who were unable to purchase the event live.

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You’re a great man. Not everyone could spoil this like you do. Quite an accomplishment.

I’ll add you to my asshole list.[/quote]

Uh-oh the asshole list…you showed me man…wow… I think I needa sit down and think…Pause

Hey you know what I just realized…how bout don’t come on a fucking message board hours after a huge fight that involves a fighter the board is affiliated with huh?

It wouldn’t kill any of you to not look at this place and others for a day or two to spare yourselves having the fight ruined.

You should realize that calling me an asshole and being to stubborn to avoid online message boards right after a fight doesn’t really affect me, it hurts you though.

Jesus fucking Christ, you couldn’t keep spoilers out of the thread title?