Congrats on the News!

Saw your Instagram post after someone else said “congrats”; thought I’d make it a thread for anyone else that might have missed it.

Exciting news! Congratulations!



Thank you! Yes, my wife is 13 weeks in. 90% sure it’s a boy. Already started looking for baby gymnastic classes :slight_smile:


Your first descendant? Congratulations.

Congratulations Coach…Wish you the best for you and your family…

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Very happy for you all! Congrats on adding another member to the Thib Tribe. No doubt they’ll fit right in. :smile:


LOL! That’s awesome

Congratulations Coach! Very exciting news.

I know you’re not a native but I fancy the way you talk. I can’t help but imagine a giant muscular medieval russian guy, clad in armor!

Anyway, congratulations coach!

My accent is what makes me charismatic. I kept it on purpose

Yes indeed Coach, I was talking to Gaelic.

Accents are sexy anyway. We can’t imagine Schwarzenegger without his for instance.

Finally figured out what causes them, eh?? :wink:


Congratulations Coach!

Congratulations coach!

Well done, Coach. Life will never be the same! So enjoy those double splits while you can!

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I haven’t done double splits in a while. With all the work I have to do, I’m lucky to get a 1h workout per day. My wife and I will be moving into a new house and I’m building a nice in it, so it will make it easier to keep on training at a decent level.



I’m not a Russian, I don’t live in Russia.

Congratulations, Christian!!

That reminded me. This is a favorite picture of my son’s shoes.
About 3 months and then at 18 years.

The Long Term Effects of Feeding Boys.

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I look forward to your new series: How to train with a time sucking energy vampire in the house

That will happen for sure