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Congrats Firebug!


Just wanted to send out a shout out for our resident T-Nation powerlifter Firebug!

Malinda hit a PR squat and total at Masters Nationals yesterday, and won a spot on the Masters World Team.

Congrats Malinda!

Stay strong


Great job Firebug, good luck at Worlds!


Many congrats!

What were the numbers?



You're the shit now!


Nice Job Malinda!


Bravo! And Wow!


A PR at a comp has to be about as good as it gets.


I held my breath all weekend and sent positive intra abdominal pressure thoughts your way...so instead of thanking Firebug you should all be commending me on my outstanding contribution.

Well done Firebug...I was just glad I could help.


Yo, that's my D.C. roommate!

Great work Malinda!!

  • Mark

P.S. I guess you figured out your gear situation after all?


So dragging your gear to DC turned out to be useful after all. Congratulations, cheers, and you make me feel all wimpy-like.


Way to go! How'd your Daughter do?


Congrats to you and your daughter. I am happy for you. Take care and be safe.


Congratulations, Malinda! You've worked very hard for this, and we're all very proud of you!


Wow, that's awesome work! Congrats!


Congratulations Malinda! What were the numbers for your lifts, and in what weight class did you compete?


Thanks everyone - and yes Will I am greatful for all of your help as well!

My numbers were - squat 375, bench 209 and deadlift 418.......for a pr total of 1003(kg meet so total kilos was 455). I was pleased with all but the bench - took me all three just to get one in.........not a good day there. My daughter also competed and took first in her age an weight.

I compete in the 82.5 kg weight class. I will be flying out in 7 hrs for the World Fire Games and will have another meet on Monday - no rest for the old and silly.

Thanks again, talk to you all soon........



Congrats on the PR Melinda. It's good to see that squat coming up for ya. We'll be lucking foward to 1050+ at worlds:;


Congratulations Melinda, good to go!!



I've competed in the Combat Challenge before but I've never heard of the World Fire Games. Is it at all like the Combat challenge?


Awesome work Malinda, much congrats.

Anxious to hear about your results from the Monday meet...