congential shoulder instability problems

OK. If anyone can help me out, I know it’s you guys. I’ve been back in the gym working out since last August with good results. I’m 31 and I wanted to get that great high school body back when I was wrestling and lifting weights. I’ve had good results but on our last 12-week program, we added more shoulder work and I’ve started having pain.

Not muscle soreness pain, but shooting pain like a nerve and sometimes while not even in the gym. Throwing a pillow did it the other day guys! Chins have become almost impossible. Just jumping up and grabbing the bar to stretch will hurt so bad that I let go. Doing preacher dumbbell curls causes pain in my shoulder. Picking up heavy boxes at work with my arm full extended downward causes pain as well. It seems like if I kinda move my shoulder around that I can find a spot where it doesn’t hurt until the weights get up there.

Anyway, I went to see an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports injuries cuz I didn’t want the usual “take these pills and don’t do that anymore” response that I figured my general practitioner would give me.

He moved my arms and had me resist his movement in various angles, took an x-ray, and told me that I was basically screwed. My shoulders were congenitally loose but my muscles were fine. I had hurt my shoulders wrestling and there wasn’t much that could be done for it. They’re not loose to the point of dislocating so he didn’t recommend surgery but they’re moving enough to pinch a nerve which is causing my weird pain.

He told me that flyes, military press, and lateral type raises were out of the question and that it could be six to eight months before I could do other exercises like the curl and not feel pain.

Any suggestions guys? Anyone else with this problem. I gained 20 lbs and lost 21 getting in a more cut state keeping almost all the muscle. I look pretty damn good IMHO and this is depressing me. Thanks.