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Confusion's One Workout per Week Log

A bit about me. I’m 42,6’6" weigh 112 kilos. I was a bit over 120,but went on a protein shake diet about 6 weeks ago.Off the crash diet now. I’ve been training for about 9 years. I trained with some great guys along the way and learned a lot. I moved to Australia 5 years ago. About 3 years ago, I discovered Mike Mentzer and HIT training.

Until recently I was heavily involved in alcohol since moving to Aus. Suffice it to say, I was drinking about a case of beer a day. Now, I am back and this is my training log! My goals are a nice muscular body and a way to workout that i can continue into old age. You’ll notice it’s not strictly HIT.

Today 45 min in gym, all reps are with a slow cadence,no momentum
-chest press machine warmup then 1 set to failure,about 7 reps with all the weight on
-ab machine,same deal except 9 reps to failure
-Pec deck, warmup, only 2 reps to failure, will need to drop the weight
-Reverse pec deck fly, 1 set to failure, about 6 ggod reps
-flat bench 40kg dumbells, 1 set 5 reps
-Overhead 2 hand dumbell extension(1 dumbell)run up the rack doing 3 reps with each weight up to 35kg and then back down again
-lat pulldown 1 set to failure with all the weight, 8 reps
-bent over dumbell row. 60 kg 5 reps each arm
-hammer curls running up the rack 3 reps each weight. Failed on 3rd rep at 32.5kg.
abs again, 1 set to failure.
Thats it. No legs today

Here’s the dumbell row



Best thing you could have done was stop drinking like that. A case a day!

I’m lucky it didnt destroy me. Hoping to lose a bit of body fat just by being off the booze. It was madness

Good job on starting a log. I am dying to see where you are in 3 months. I’m a taller lifter (only 6’4"), and I always found machines miserable as they were hard to fit into and use as intended. Could just be cheap equipment back in the 90’s though.

Solid workout! You are manhandling those dumbbells.

I know what you mean, I love alcohol, but it does not love me back. Ah, unrequited love…

What tempo are you using? I’ve found slow eccentrics good for hypertrophy back in a previous life, but I didn’t find slowing the concentric made much a of a difference.

Keep it up!

Great shot of dumbbell rowing. Is it alway hot where you live in Australia? Always wanted to visit.

[quote]gorillavanilla wrote:
Great shot of dumbbell rowing. Is it alway hot where you live in Australia? Always wanted to visit.[/quote]
Thanks. Considering how strong you guys are,i really appreciate it. Perth is hot half the year and right on the water,so,its beaches and fun in the sun. Its coming into the hot season now. You,d be suprised by how rainy and cool it is in the winter tho.

I try to use a 4 second up and 4 down tempo. To be honest tho, i often accellerate the weight up and then slowly lower it. I think i saw Dorian Yates do that on one of his videos.

Food today was mainly beef.dont know how many grams and a 190g bag of m&ms.

My brother lived in Perth for a few years. His wife is from there. Well NZ originally, but he met her there.

I think the eccentric is where you get all your growth, and I think he believed if you go a little faster and get more weight up, then the heavier eccentric would make you grow faster.

You need to take a good set of before pics then post them in a couple months with a “before and after” look so we can see how it is coming.

Beef & MM’s?

Beef most of the day and a few eggs. Then mm,s before bed. But that wasnt part of the plan

Regarding diet. I drive road trains and take a bunch of food with me for my weekly trip. I am on the road now. Next week i will try to give a summary of what ive taken with me and what i,ve bought to eat along the way. My attitude toward diet is, within reason,eat whatever I want. That includes some junk food. I usually have chocolate several times a week and french fries twice a week.

Most of the rest of my diet is made up of sausages and beef and chicken that i nibble while driving. Lots of coffee, water and coke zero also. I know thats not clean eating but i want to see how well i can do with eating what i like. I read mariusz pudzianowski ate when competing atnstrong man. Of course he trained a lot and burned the calories,but he ate several things that go against the way we are told we should eat.

Also,like some pro bodybuilders, i like the idea of eating a whole lot of stuff and building muscle and then dieting down. Not sure it will work as well as i would like,but thats what i am trying. I am trying to develope a way to eat and train that I am able to sustain for years at a time. I do plan to try a few programs from time to time to really take things over the top and diets as well. But,This is what i am doing now. I think it will work fairly well. We shall see…

I like the M&Ms and Beef diet. Throw in the sausage and chicken and shazam! Road trains? On tracks? Perhaps I’m not familiar with the vernacular?

Lol. Road trains are double or triple trailer. I have a rig with 3 trailers right now,like an 18 wheeler,but 62 wheels. And the roads are pretty narrow some places.

Shazam reminds me of Gomer Pyle. Now thats gotta be a first on this site.lmao

Watched a lot of Gomer Pyle when I was younger.

We watched it every day on re runs. Havent thought about that dork in a long time!

I worked with a guy whose father ran road trains in oz. Your diet is solid if that’s your day job. I’m trying to be strict and do that lean gains thing, but it is hard and I slip when I’m travelling.

I drink quite a bit of milk also. Its not easy when travelling,but we gotta try,right? I try not to stress too much about my diet. Seems easier for me to eat what i want and see where that leaves me,and then go from there. I,m in a serious transitional stage,having cut out all alcohol, so it will take some time to truly know what i can can eat without putting on bodyfat. like you,i need quite a few calories just for maintenance. Learning a lot about my body lately.