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Confusion w/ Total Strength Program



Ex :

A1 Elevated platform deadlift 5 sets 3 reps 60s rest
A2 Squat 5 sets 3 reps 60s rest

Does it mean that one should rest 60s after completing A1? Then move on to A2, wait an other 60s then do A1?

Like a circuit but with breaks?

I always though that A1/A2 immdiatly meant a superset??


Pretty sure it means A1...rest 60 secs...A2...rest 60 secs...A1...rest 60 secs....etc.

They're usually called antagonistic or metabolic pairings (probably some more names as well) not supersets.

You do this usually so each exercise gets 2 mins of rest but you keep the work rate up.