Confusion w/ New Routine

21yrs old, 18%bf, 80+kgs(174pds) (varies) and have been doing the below routine for about 7wks, have gained 3kgs (6-7pds) so doing ok, but not happy with routine, feels like i dont work enough, maybe to small volume?:

pull-ups 3x6-8
sumo deadlift 3x6-8
leg press 4x12-15
lat pulldowns 4x8-12
seated calf 5x5
crunches 3x25

standing press 3x6-8
dips 3x6-8
hammer curls 3x6-8
close-grip bench press 3x6-8
incline sit-ups 3x15

cable rows 3x8-10
prone rows 3x8-10
db rows 3x8-10
bulgarian split squats 3x10-12
leg curls 3x10-12
standing calf raises 3x25
russian twists 3x15

shoulder press 3x8-12
incline bench press 3x8-12
barbell curls 3x8-12
tricep pressdowns 3x8-12
ball throw sit-ups 1min 30sec
Note: have been doing goblet squats not squats to get my hip flexibility better, only recently started throwing them in at the start of mon and thurs.

Was wondering whether anyone could recommend a new program to start next week. Uni starts soon so willing to do 4+ days a week. Wondering whether to do full body or whether to do split training. Any ideas?

Wanted to do ‘starting strength’ maybe seeing as i can squat now but then i had some discussion with people like waylanderxx and prof x, and they… i think… recommended split training. I thought of a 3 day/split 2x wk but may be to much with work and uni.

I know beginners see good gains to start with, with good eating and consistency but got confused with the information overload of the internet.

Thanks in advance


Why not put in rows, pull-ups and all assistance work in a seperate workout

Put allll the curls into another workout which is at least 48 hours after the pull workout. I wouldn’t be able to curl for shit after back day.

Just looks like your exercises are all over the place. Why so many exercises? Do you really need 3 row variations? Why aren’t leg curls after sumo deadlifts? Why aren’t leg presses in the same workout as squats? Why doesn’t it look like you’re targeting chest, while doing tris/shoulders twice a week? Where’s the shoulder work?

I’m doing the following split right now. I love it, because effectively I hit each bodypart twice a week while focusing on every bodypart once a week:

Day 1 - Quads, also hits hams, lower back, glutes
Day 2 - Chest and bis, also hits shoulders, tris
Day 3 - Posterior chain, also hits quads
Day 4 - Shoulders and tris, also hits
Day 5 - Back, Traps, also hits posterior chain and traps

This split is pure genius. I believe someone suggested it when I was looking for a split myself, and now I can’t imagine doing anything else but this.

Final comment… I would find it hard to progress on 3x8’s, I think. I quite enjoy 5x5’s, and other lower rep/higher set combos, as the first and main movement for every workout. Give it a try, you might love it too.

PS dude, you’re 6"1 and 18% BF at 80kg? Seems like a high % for someone at your height TBH, maybe there’s been a mistake?

The condition is called “skinny fat”. Plenty of customers suffer from this…I remember some goofball posted his stats as 5’10" 175 @ 24% after 2 years of training HARD.
Skinny fat guys usually don;t focus on gaining strength - which is their undoing. They focus on volume and soreness alone and never make consistent gains over time.
I hope the OP is not one of them.

[quote]G87 wrote:
PS dude, you’re 6"1 and 18% BF at 80kg? Seems like a high % for someone at your height TBH, maybe there’s been a mistake?[/quote]

i think im 18%, i use one of those scales which measures BF%, i did used to eat fast food evryday when not working out, but of the recent 2 months have noticed some fatloss since ive been eating cleanly and having fast food only every sunday, but it doesnt really taste good anymore

G87 - are u able to tell me the exact workout, sounds like it would be good, and doable during uni, can either post or PM me. thanks


anymore ideas?

The best split for you is going to be the one you organize for yourself based on the way your body is responding.

Most people need to start with something simple and basic and stick with it, and as they get more experienced they can switch little things around here and there until they have a working template that they’re comfortable with.

Example of something basic and simple:

1 - Back/biceps
2 - Chest/triceps
3 - rest
4 - Thighs/calves
5 - Shoulders/abs
6 - rest
7 - rest

So lets say after 4 months of training this way your barbell curl and skull crushers aren’t going up as fast as they should be and you think it’s because your arms are tired after working your back/chest… so maybe you move them out to their own Arms day (after shoulders would be good).

Or maybe your calves aren’t growing much, so you double up and train them on back day and leg day.

Do you see how this works?

yeah got it bud, common sense that i tend to not grasp sometimes :wink: